May Reads

As usual, Emily is on a reading spree and May was no different. Let her share what books she read during the month of May and we would love to hear what you read last month.

May was such a wild month! I’m shocked I read as many as I did. Here are my reads for the month with a little synopsis of each one. I’ll start with my favorites to least favorite!

The Women: A Novel

The Women by Kristin Hannah

If you’ve read anything from Kristin Hannah then you know that she is the master of historical fiction! This was probably one of my favorites.

This book is based on happenings around the Vietnam War and focuses on the women. I loved the push that women can be heroes too and over and over again the book emphasized the power of women especially during war times. I read with confidence that women can do much more than society allows especially since the 1960’s. It made me love being a woman and want to push hard to contribute in a male driven society. It will warm and break your heart.

The Last List of Mabel Beaumont by Laura Pearson

The entire time I read this book I thought of my sweet 92 year old grandma.

Mabel woke up one morning to find her sweetheart had left the earth. The tender emotions of being left alone with no children or many friends. Mabel first writes a list of things to accomplish. Darling things happen as she sets out to accomplish her to do list and she makes some friends in the process.

I loved watching her step out of her comfort zone and make the most out of life.Always, with You: Endless Harbor, Book One

Always with You by Fiona Grace

Did you know that you can listen to books on Spotify? My cousin recently told me this and I was shocked! Now I have another source for reading/listening to books. This book was my first Spotify book. It was a free one, I still need to login to our family Spotify to have access to more books because I am all about listening to free books.

This book is about a woman and her daughter who take a risk to open a family bed and breakfast in Maine. It comes with some challenges and a little romance.

It was a quick read and there are other parts too, I can’t wait to see what happens in the next one!Good Luck with That

Good Luck with That by Kristan Higgins

If you are anything like me, you go through your Audible credit as quickly as you get them. Thankfully, this one was free on Audible.

Three girls met at a weight loss camp in high school and have led wonderful yet sad lives since. When the news of their friend Emerson’s failing health the other two friends gather to say goodbye. They greet their largely overweight friend right before she passes. Upon her passing the friends receive a letter and decide to follow the letter. Watch what happens when they let go of the fear of excess weight and opinions of others.

It might be a little triggering, but overall I loved watching the characters let go of their insecurities and grow into confident women.Keep It in the Family

Keep it in the Family by John Marrs

This book was a wild card for our bookclub. It was one that I’m not sure I’d recommend, but also I couldn’t not finish it.

It is all about dark pasts and secrets kept within the family. When a young couple purchases a home they discover terrible secrets making their dream home a house of horrors. Watch how Mia discovers the secrets of the past and how they play a role in her current family. It will be a page turner for sure but not much good comes out of this book.