Who’s the Clean Freak?

Now that my son is a mover and a shaker it makes cleaning the house so much harder. Even if he is down for an afternoon nap, it doesn’t give us enough time to really get in there and get everything feeling clean.

My wife does the maintenance things throughout the week to keep the house clean and tidy, floors swept and vacuumed and toys put away- anyone who has kids knows this is a constant task.  Anything more than that is a major feat when dealing with an active toddler.

Then why not tag team it and make this a coupling experience? I am obsessed with cleaning!  It is a stress relief and so therapeutic for me to get our home to shine.  So for us, it’s so much easier if my wife will entertain our son and I just go to town on the cleaning. I love to really get everything clean and not miss a spot (not that she doesn’t but I don’t think you get it I LOVE to clean). I put in my headphones, get my dance mix on, and go to town on the floors, toilets, and dance moves. Literally entertaining my family as I go.

Maybe cleaning isn’t your thing? Maybe you are amazing at keeping the kids entertained. Maybe you are both obsessed with cleaning. If that is the case, help each other out by switching from one cleaning and the other watching the kids, then giving the other a break from the kids to clean. No matter your situation you need to do it together. You need to be there for each other and make those chores that no one loves doing (or in my case is obsessed with) and get them done by helping one another. Believe me I know that sometimes you wonder why you cleaned after the toddler tornado hits the house but lets be honest, a cleanish house is a happy house.

Keeping a clean house is not soly the mother’s work but together as a family we team up to get the job done.  Our family is at the at the stage that we have to take turns watching the toddler or else nothing gets done.  If your children are older make chores a routine throughout the week so that they get introduced to work and eventually will be able to keep it clean to your standard.  Working together as a family makes life easier and way more fun!