DIY: Upcycling Old Vases

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Look, I’m not the craftiest person out there, but if there is one thing I can do it’s a challenge. You challenge me to do something and I will get it done. Well, that very idea was brought to my attention when my wife noticed our rather large collection of vases that we never use. She told me that I either needed to do something with them, or it was time to toss them. Challenge accepted!

I figured that I could take some painters tape, make creative designs on the vases and spray them with a gold spray paint making them more appealing and want to be used more frequently.


An assortment of different vases and posts.

An assortment of different vases and posts.

What do you need?

Universal Gold Metallic Paint & Primer

Advanced Multi Surface Painters Tape



Step 1:

Take your old vases and clean them off with a little bit of glass cleaner. Once you are done, leave the news paper or paper towel in the glass, you’ll need it later.

Step 2:

Lay out some news paper, cloth, old sheet, whatever you have for painting on.

Step 3:

Rectagle Vase

Put Advanced Multi Surface Painters Tape on vases in a fun, unique pattern. Simple patterns are stripes, vertical or horizontal. Want to get a little more creative? Try doing a chevron pattern or even the stripes on a curved* vase (trust me, not easy).

*If you do a curved vase, make sure to press tape on glass making it so that you won’t get any leaking on the sides.

Step 4:

With the newspaper, or paper towels, that you used to clean the vases still in them, use the Universal Gold Metallic Paint & Primer and spray your vases down. The paper product will keep it from dripping on the inside. With a clear glass vase this is very important because you don’t want dripping on the inside of the vase. Even without dripping, this will block spray paint from getting the inside of the glass.

Step 5:

After Golden spray vase

Let paint dry. You can even add a few coats. I did three just to make sure that I didn’t miss anywhere. What I loved about this paint is that it went on really well, no dripping at all and it dried quickly making this be a quick and easy project.

Step 6:

Slowly remove the tape making sure that the paint has clean lines. This tape was great for the glass vases because it pulled off easily and left the gold paint on the glass look completely clean and straight.

vase all done display

You’re done! Put some flowers, winter branches or anything festive you want in them. The pop of gold looks amazing for the holidays and can be used all year long. Enjoy!

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