Our Secret Service

There is something very interesting about the Secret Service. Mysterious and no one knowing what they have done, or what they are currently up to. That is why we have decided to create our very own secret service.

This year for one of our new years resolutions we have decided to do secret acts of service, or as we’re going to call it “The Secret Service”. Doing things for others is one of our passions and to be able to secretly help someone brings us so much joy.

Whether that’s by taking out their garbage cans when it’s -20º outside, calling friends with kids and telling them to go out because we are watching their kids for them for the night, sincere notes left on cars telling people how truly amazing they are, the sky’s the limit.

At least once a month we will be doing a simple act of kindness, our Secret Service for the month. I will be sure to take lots of pictures and keep you posted on how it all goes.

One Christmas my wife’s parents gave each of their kids $100 to give away.  It was a hard task because at that particular time of their lives they could have all used the money.  My wife had always wanted to secretly buy someone’s dinner but she also wanted to make several people’s day.  So she went to Crown Burger and asked to pay $40 for the next car’s meal at the drive thru.  She waited by the counter as the employee explained that their meal was paid for and then went to eat herself.  After twenty minutes or so, that same employee came and explained that the drive thru was going crazy.  Every car since the first one paid for had left money for the next car in line.  They had a stack of cash they were using to pay for each car that went through the drive thru.  As if that wasn’t reward enough, a little while later a man came in and personally thanked my wife for buying him dinner and then gave her his business card and said to give him a call if she ever needed him to pay it forward.

It is amazing what happens when we turn our attention outward.  I love starting a trend and watching it catch on fire. So, who wants to join our Secret Service?