Dad, Fatherhood, Dad-hood

Lately I have been noticing a lot more ads where it’s the dad’s that are the focus. For years it was all about moms and how they are there taking care of the kids and getting the job done, which I still respect and admire because raising kids is hard work. A lot of the time dads go unnoticed in the hard work that they contribute to the family in general.

I think the first commercial that caught my attention was the NyQuil one talking about how dads don’t take sick days. I loved this commercial because it is all so true. As a parent you can’t take time off to take care of yourself. Now, you step it up and you take care of your child, let them puke on you when they don’t feel good or just try anything to make sure they are feeling better.

Of course there was also a commercial for moms, as there should be, but I clearly related better to the father commercial and really have enjoyed seeing more focus on the dad stepping up to take care of his family and all the things that are usually “mom jobs”.

The Cheerios commercial is really the one that took the fatherhood (or as they put it, dad-hood) scene by storm. Talking about how great it is to be a dad, being real with people and also funny. They explained what it’s like to be a dad, what we go through and how we express ourselves and #HowToDad.

Finally, my favorite commercial is the new Dove Men+Care #RealDadMoments. Dove has really stepped up their game creating commercials that actually relate to their viewers. They did the Real Women campaign showing how women actually look while not changing anything. Well, they’ve done the same type of thing with dads.

I love this commercial especially as I reflected about all the times that I would say dad. One time I had gotten my head stuck in the railing at a local high school. I yelled for my dad to come and help me get my head out. Every time I have been in a car accident, my dad is always the first person I call. And of course, when we found out we were pregnant with a little boy I made sure to tell my dad.

Dads are important and we’re here to stay. So get used to the commercials focusing on us too, because sometimes we need a little praising just like you amazing moms.