Secret Service: Neighborhood Cookies

Growing up I loved to go toilet papering, who didn’t? The rush you would get from messing with someone’s yard and decorating it with toilet paper. The thrill of not being caught, while getting the whole yard covered and best of all checking out the work you just completed. Looking back why did I really think that was fun? They always say karma will come back to bite you.

Toilet papering

So to make up for all the crazy, stupid things I did as a child and young adult, I decided to turn it around and do nice things for others. We set a goal to do secret service at least once a month for the entire year.  After my last post, others have jumped on board wanting to join in too.

All month we’ve been thinking about how we could serve someone that was a little out of the ordinary, fun and unexpected. It was hard to narrow it down to just one family that could really use a little pick me up. We decided that for our first secret service we wanted to get more than one family or two; we wanted to get our whole neighborhood.

We thought of the thrill of coming home to see a plate of fresh baked cookies sitting there. Just because! We love seeing their faces when they open the door and really just love doing a little something nice for others. You never know what’s going on in their life at the time.

So we pulled out our favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe because we knew that it made tons of cookies….14 dozen to be exact.

keep your hands off those cookies

While the cookies were baking we had time to talk and think about all the amazing families that live around us. We live in a great area, like what my neighborhood felt like growing up. You could play with your friends till late at night and not have to worry about anything happening.  There are tons of kids and all the parents are caring and willing to help each other out.

It really gave us time to think about how lucky we are to have such amazing people surrounding us. Doing something small, like baking cookies might be just the thing to let them know how appreciative we are for them in our lives.

secret service

Here comes the fun part, once the cookies were finished we created a simple little tag saying “You’ve been served, by the secret service.” Then we filled up our car with cookies and put on our running shoes. This was going to be an adventure like toilet papering where we would drop off the cookies and try not to get caught. Get the PDF here.

neighborhood cookies

Door after door we left bags of cookies to dear friends we love and appreciate. We were getting the opportunity to do something simple and nice for others, but also getting our Fitbit steps in; two birds with one stone. That’s just how we roll.

At the end of the day we were beaming and couldn’t have felt better about what we were able to do for our neighbors. Now, here’s hoping to that our small acts create a stir and others begin to step out and share a little Secret Service in their lives.