Not What You’d Expect in a Diaper

When it comes to checking diapers I am all about looking in there to see what surprises there are. For the most part you’re guess is going to be one of two things…maybe both. Well, not with my son!

Apparently with all the animals that we have my son see at the zoo, I think he thinks he is a kangaroo. This kid is starting to hide everything in his pouch/diaper.

Check out the things I’ve been finding in there (which most of them you probably wouldn’t expect):

diaper finds - the lootFrom left to right, top to bottom:

Binkie – We’re trying to get away from it, but he found a great hiding spot.

Mr Potato Head Glasses

Child Safety Outlet Protector – Clearly doing it’s job!

Burt’s Bees Chapstick – Things get chapped.

Motts Fruit Snacks – Never know when your your next meal will be.

A Ball – Always has to have a ball with him.

Sleeping Beauty Dragon – How that fit in there, I’ll never know.

Goldfish Crackers – Again, gotta have the snacks.

iPhone Power Cord – Sometimes you need to charge things up.

and…a chick sticker!