Sick of Sippy Cups? Get Snug

Have you gotten sick of all the sippy cups that you have laying around the house? Do your sippy cups leak? Are you like me and freaked out over the recent discovery of mold growing in the lids of sippy cups? Whatever your issue is, it’s time to try something new that will absolutely blow your mind.

Snug Spout by Boon is absolute genius. The Snug is the universal sippy lid that fits on almost every cup so your child can feel like a big kid and not have to have a cup that is different from the rest of the family. Say goodbye to your drawer full of random lids and sippy cups that don’t work but take up space.

Sick of Sippy Cups? Get Snug | The Modern DadMy son doesn’t really like drinking from a sippy cup when the rest of us have a regular glass. He would rather drink from our glass than have his own different cup. I love that the Snug literally fits snug on our glasses making it so that I don’t have to worry, no matter what he is drinking, because this lid will keep everything inside the cup. And as we all know, a toddler doesn’t want to keep their cup on the counter, when they’re done drinking they will throw that thing across the room. Thankfully, the Snug made it so that I don’t worry.

Sick of Sippy Cups? Get Snug | The Modern DadI love that I can just take the lid off, throw it in the dishwasher and they are good to go again. No more bulky sippy storage! You can get a couple packs of these, stack them in the cabinet and when your child gets thirsty just grab a Snug and throw it on any cup you want.

Sick of Sippy Cups? Get Snug | The Modern DadFinally, I love that you can get this them at Target. Honestly, I am so grateful that we have these and don’t have to sort through all the awful sippy cups to find the ONE cup my son enjoys.