Emily’s February Favorites

New month, new favorites! Here are a few things that have made our life easier and brought us a little bit of joy during the wait of the remodel. Have you used any of them?

Picture Light

You know we are remodeling our home and so much time and attention is going into finishing it.

We literally bought 3 different sets of picture lights and these are the ones we went with. They have the perfect brass color and add such detail to our built in.

Plus, the price is unbeatable! $42 for one light!

Decorative Baskets

You know Emily loves to decorate and has been getting itchy to style the shelves in our family room.

When she saw these baskets on major sale, she had to get them! They will look darling on our shelves and can hold little items too. $62 for a set of 2.

Clean Skin Club

This one little item will change your life! These towels are everything they are hyped up to be. They make washing your face a delight.

Emily no longer uses her beauty washcloths and looks forward to watching my towel fill with makeup and dirt at the end of the day. I too have been using them and they really are as good as everyone claims they are.

$17 for 50 and some people even cut them in half for more use.

Decorative Knobs

These are totally extra, but we wanted a simple detail to make our girls rooms extra special.

The detail on these knobs are insane for the price. We just put them on their closet doors and you should have seen their reactions upon seeing them for the first time!

$64 for 4 dummy door knobs.

Pill Cutter

This simple tool will change your life! It was something that took two seconds to add to our cart and has made the biggest difference in our lives.

I was talking forever to Emily about a specific medication I take and how my doctor had told me to take one whole pill in the morning and then a half in the afternoon. I was frustrated about doing the half, but not any longer. This makes halving your pills so freaking simple and the perfect clean line.

Don’t wait, for only $2.50, you will change your life!

Retractable Phone Charger

Everyone has to charge their phones, but this retractable phone charger will make it look easy.

Get rid of all the cords and make your car look a little more put together. We loved that it had two retractible cords to we both could charge at the same time if needed.

Plus, for only $28, you too can enjoy your car space just a little bit more!

Bionic Curling Iron

If you’ve been on social media at all for the last month, you’ve seen this curling iron.

Emily bought one a couple months ago and loved how well it works! It hold curls so well and is the sturdiest curling iron she’s ever owned.

Totally worth the extra money. Still getting used to the extra long length of it, but we’ve been super impressed so far!

They were on sale at Bionic for 30% off just recently too. So just be sure to check back, but if you want to just go for it, we promise it is worth the price.

Tennis Bracelet

Boujee bracelets are totally in!

This tennis bracelet is Emily’s new staple. She will wear it every single day! She even just bought a second one and love the price point!

$18 will make you feel like a million bucks!