Family Weekend Getaway


We knew that we wanted to go away for the weekend, but with a little guy sick all week we weren’t sure that was the best idea. How grateful I am that we did spend the weekend away and enjoy a special family getaway. Is it just me, or do the kids get sick or does something come up when you have a fun adventure planned with the family? Well, we didn’t want that to stop us this weekend.

Our son had been sick for the entire week and we felt that our daughter might be getting something too. My wife and I talked and said, “We can either be home and have miserable sick kids, or we can still go, have fun and have sick kids?” We picked the latter.

Yeah we stayed up the one night we were there with a screaming baby all night, but to be able to get out, enjoy the beautiful weather that is finally upon us and take our son to see the baby animals was an absolute treasure. Plus after a week in solitary confinement, aka the house with sick kids, going anywhere was a dream.

How grateful I am for little things like just taking your family and getting away from the things we deal with on a regular basis. We get too busy sometimes and I am glad that we have a place to get us grounded and back to where we need to be in life.