Behind the Women of Instagram |Men of Small Fry

When I think of the women of Instagram that are making a huge difference I always have to include the women at Small Fry Blog. Jenna, Emily and Nicole are some amazingly hard working woman that are sharing their stories on their children’s lifestyle blog where they talk about kids products, events, activities and they many things that come with parenting. But when these women are working hard on Small Fry, what are their husbands thoughts and feelings about it all? Well, let me introduce you to Russ (married to Emily) and Andrew (married to Jenna).

Small Fry blog has absolutely exploded because it is run by amazing women. When you start a blog you never know how it’s going to blow up, if at all. Russ said, “I know how hard [Emily] works and once she sets her mind to something it will be successful. This is one of several instances so I didn’t doubt it at all!” He has a wife that dedicates herself to everything she starts and gets into. Andrew was a little hesitant saying that he never would have thought it would have gotten to where it is today.

Since these women are creating projects at times, Russ sometimes helps build pieces for them, but the guys are rarely involved in the production of the blog. This is run by their wives and they are there to support them 100%, minus the pretty face Andrew provides from time to time. For me it’s great knowing that these women are honestly the ones doing it over on Small Fry. Yes, they get some help from their spouses on DIY projects, but other than that it’s them and that’s admirable.

Men Behind the Women of Instagram |Men of Small Fry by The Modern DadBut you think, as bloggers there are lots of conventions, events, parties that they are invited to and hosting. What happens then? Russ said, “My wife thrives on social interaction and needs it to stay sane staying home with our boys everyday. If she can use those events to not only get out of the house and socialize but also promote her business that’s great.” I love this because as husbands and dads we don’t always think about that. Our wives are interacting with our kids daily, and sometimes they need a night out with adults and people their age to keep themselves sane. I love that Andrew says, “It is just about sacrifice for the other to make events and obligations happen.” Him and his wife have businesses that are flexible for the most part making it possible for him to help support her and not feel like it’s effecting his work priority.

Men Behind the Women of Instagram |Men of Small Fry by The Modern DadI have noticed more and more bloggers that have created the great platforms giving advice on getting started. I watch Jenna on Periscope and she gives great advice. So I thought, what advice would their husbands have for those that have a spouse starting a blog? Andrew’s advice would be “to encourage and support your wife, because they will shock you how much they can accomplish.” He said, “I’m blown away by the momentum and impact blogger/social media influences can make!” These women are making a huge difference and influencing so many and their husbands see that and are so proud. Russ says, “Be supportive. There are plenty of people out there that will love to tell her what she’s doing wrong or not enough of. Whole conferences even. You don’t need to be that voice.” Isn’t that great advice? How true it is that bloggers get criticized constantly, and they are shut down regularly. We, as husbands and supporters, don’t need to be the ones adding to that. Russ is great finishing with saying that “you just be that positive uplifting influence.”

Men Behind the Women of Instagram |Men of Small Fry by The Modern DadSmall Fry has become an influence for good while impressing their followers, but also their husbands. “My wife is great at the juggle,” says Russ. “We have a great home, family and her businesses are all flourishing. She is good at it all.” Amen brother! “I admire the way she feels and cares for those she reaches through these platforms,” says Andrew. “Her following is organic and has grown because of how genuine and caring she is.” Honestly, these men and women are so supporting, loving and I love how it’s a family of great friends making a difference.

Men Behind the Women of Instagram |Men of Small Fry by The Modern DadSo if you are thinking of doing a blog with friends and don’t know if it’ll work, Small Fry Blog has set a great example in so many ways. I am so grateful for their examples and the support of their husbands that work hard to support their family.

Russ is a contractor for his own construction company, and also owns a delivery laundry service called Washed. He remodels, finishes basements, and is super creative! He’s built furniture, closets, doors and art for his clients. We have several companies between the two of us and our life is far from the norm. We make it work by being flexible and constant communication. He is so supportive of my endeavors which I am so grateful for. He loves music, baseball and working on cars! 

Andrew manages a regional team for Legacy Solar. He works so hard but is always ready to cuddle and play with our kids at the end of even the longest days. He is a man of many hobbies, loves all things outdoors and takes it to the next level. Heli-skiing, hiking, rock climbing, cliff jumping. He keeps me young!