Emily’s Favorite Shine Products

When it comes to makeup, we have a very favorite brand (well, Emily has a very favorite brand she wears religiously) and it’s Shine Cosmetics.

Since I am not the one wearing the makeup around here, I figured let’s hear from Emily and have her tell you her favorite Shine products and why she loves them. So let’s take it away Emily!

My Makeup Journey

Self care is an interesting thing. I grew up in a house with four brothers. My mom, although very put together, never really taught me how to do makeup and take care of my skin. I learned most of it through trial and error. I found something that worked and used it everyday. Most of the make up was from the drug store.

About 5 years ago, our friend suggested I try Shine Cosmetics. I sent in a makeup-less picture of myself and they suggested colors and palates for my skin and eye color. I got one of everything and was completely overwhelmed.

I started small and made simple changes, slowly adding a new product every once in a while. Today, I use almost every single product on a daily basis.

My confidence and self love has grown exponentially as I look and feel more like myself. I’ll list them in the order I apply them.

BB Cream

The first addition to my makeup routine was BB Cream. I was a foundation topped with powder foundation for as long as I remember. I felt covered and comfortable.

When I first began my BB Cream routine, I would apply the cream and then top it off with my powder foundation.

About a year into it I realized that the BB Cream provided full coverage and lasted the entire day.

I now only use BB Cream and love how refreshing and smooth my face looks and feels. My color match is the color COURAGE.

Blush Stick

Before Shine, I would use a powder blush or bronzer, now my go to is the blush stick.

Yes they do have the powder ones, but I love the blush sticks. My daily go to is Independent and if I want more of a shine, I go with Witty (this one looks almost orange, but has the most amazing glow.)

Contour Sticks

For a while I thought only Kardashians used contour, but boy was I wrong. I love using them to add dimension to my face.

My colors are Stellar (highlighter), Elevate (medium) and Uplift (dark). In the winter, when my skin is more fair, I just use Elevate, but in the summer when I have more color in my face I use Uplift.

They have really helped define my cheek bones and maybe helped me feel a little more Kardashian.

Makeup Brushes

They just launched their own set of makeup brushes. They are the softest brushes I’ve ever used.

My favorite brush is the Foundation brush. Just like the rest of the makeup, it will take time and practice to know how to use them all. Totally worth the investment.

Eye Shadow

I am still the worst with eye shadow. I use one color and call it good.

One day, I’ll go into Shine and have them do a makeup tutorial so that I can learn what goes where. Did you know that you can schedule a time with their professional makeup artist to help you learn what to do? They really are amazing!

I do love how they have certain palates depending on your eye color. My favorite is Be Humble.


I love a good mascara and Shine’s is one of the best, especially when I use their eyelash primer before I apply it.

Jason has always loved my blue eyes, and so this mascara is great to help make those eyes really pop. It’s wild how great their mascara is!

Fiber Brow

There is never a day I go without Fiber Brow, except when I’m waiting for more.

This is a liquid based tint that is applied with a little brush stick like mascara but to your brows.

It is the best to shape, tint and hold your brows in place. I use the color Limitless.

Lip Liner

Honestly when I opened the package with the lip liner I wasn’t sure it would be for me!

I remember wearing it in the 90’s and felt like it probably should have been laid to rest there. But I started to see my friends first line their lips and then use the gloss.  It helped the color stay and last longer but also defined the shape.

Who knew I would become such a fan of this comeback product. Don’t sleep on lip liners because it really can make your look better, but you don’t have to think the full 90’s look. It’s better than that, I promise!

My go to color, literally every single day is the color Best.

Lip Gloss

I love my lips to feel smooth and not sticky. Shine nailed their gloss and I literally have three different glosses with me at all times.

They are in my purse, car, and bathroom. They have subtle hints of color, but they don’t stain or smudge.

I especially love them because my girls will often put on a gloss before school or church to feel fancy. My favorite glosses are Goals, Grounded, Sugar, and Precious.

Makeup Removing Cloth

Now, if you have a full face of makeup, the best thing you can do is remove it with care. These cloths make it easy. They are so soft and wash well, a great investment. I don’t know how they do it, but you just use water and they can clean your face so easily.

We have a few packs of these because not only do I use them when cleaning off my face at night, but the entire family uses them regularly.

Discount? We’ve got you!

I hope this doesn’t seem overwhelming. It has taken me a couple of years to get to where I am today and be comfortable with my routine.

If you ever need to restock your Shine, you can always use code MODERNDAD.