Simple Homemade Corn Dogs

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What is it about corn dogs that scream summer is here? Is it the fact that all the summer fairs and festivities always serve them? Whatever it is, I love them and wanted to have some homemade corn dogs but was nervous because I didn’t know how easy they would be.

simlehomemadecorndogs1Growing up my mom would always make homemade corn dogs. She would put the pot on the stove, fill it with oil and go to town making corn dogs. They were always so delicious and there was something fun about making corn dogs at home rather than just buying a huge box of them at Costco.

simlehomemadecorndogs3So I figured I would make some for my little family because I have wanted to make them for the longest time just like my mom did for me.

The thing you freak out about is that they will be a huge mess, a lot of effort to make and not taste good. Believe me, they are super simple, not messy at all and they taste even better than the ones you get from the store because you made them from scratch.

simlehomemadecorndogs4I also love that I could make them half size. My son tends to not eat an entire corn dog, but I don’t want to finish his picked apart meal and hate wasting it. So the half size option is great, plus it’s a simple finger food your kids will love.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to get in the kitchen and start making some deliciously simple corn dogs for yourself and your little ones. I promise you it’s not as difficult as you think and you will be glad to did it.