Family Pictures | Step By Step Guide

For some people, taking family pictures is the last thing they want to do. But when you get it done, it’s so fun to look back and see the changes your family has been through. We especially love getting it done now because our kids and family are changing so much these days. But what do you wear? Where do you go? Let me share with you what we did and maybe it will help you.

Family Pictures | Location

One of the most stressful parts about getting family pictures is trying to find a place to take them. Usually we are not wanting them done in a studio, but that doesn’t mean we would never do it. We just love the look of outdoors and with Utah having such a beautiful outdoor scene why would you want it anywhere else?

Family Pictures | Step By Step Guide by The Modern Dad

Photo by Phung Photography

Do your homework: some places you need to call in advance and schedule a time to use the area. We got our most recent pictures taken at Thanksgiving Point. You have to schedule it the day of, so you can get a photographer pass (they’re $100). Then, try to schedule it on a day that there are no weddings so it gives you full rain of where you want to have the pictures taken. The gardens there are pretty amazing, so I was glad we chose to do them there.

Family Pictures | Step By Step Guide by The Modern Dad

Photo by Shelli Dame Photography at the Garden Park Ward, SLC

Family Pictures | Step By Step Guide by The Modern Dad

This was taken in an orchard on the side of the road in Orem. Photo by Shelli Dame Photography

Maybe you don’t want to spend the money on a location. That’s fine! The canyons have lots of amazing places (Silver Lake is amazing) and we have even done them at a church. Maybe you like outdoors, but the mountains aren’t really your style. I have seen lots of great pictures also done downtown around the city. And of course there are the amazing salt flats. Utah is a great place for finding whatever fits your style.

Family Pictures | What to Wear?

This may be one of the biggest stresses when it comes to family pictures. But does it have to be? I don’t think so. First of all, you can always look on Pinterest for family photoshoot looks. Then base your pictures off what you see and already have in your closet. Personally, I like a neutral look, not a lot of patterns and yet everyone goes great together.


Wife’s Outfit | Dress: Shabby Apple – Shoes: Nordstrom Rack (old)

My Outfit | Shirt: J Crew (older, but similar here) – Pants: Gap – Shoes: Nike for J Crew – Watch: Diesel

Son’s Outfit | Tie: Forage Haberdashery – Shirt: Little Sloppy – Pants: H&M – Shoes: Sperry – Belt: Crewcuts

Daughter Outfit | Bow: Little Poppy Co – Top: Baby gap – Skirt: Wife Made It – Shoes: Freshly Picked

We decided we would not spend a lot on our clothes, but use what we already had in our closets. This allowed us to save on the look, and put money into the location. It’s all about what you want the money to go towards: location, clothes or photographer.

Family Pictures | Photographer

For me, this is the most important part. These are the people that are going to be capturing your family in those moments that you will cherish forever. You want someone professional, but I personally feel that if you have children it should be someone you know. We have a few photographers we like working with. We love their very different styles of work giving us a wide variety of styles around our home.

Our favorites are:


Shelli Dame Photography

 Family Pictures | Step By Step Guide by The Modern Dad

Megan Dial Photography


Lael Photography

Really, it’s whatever style and budget you have. But like I said, these are the people that are capturing moments that you are planning on putting around your home. You want the best and I feel that these three ladies have always blown me away in everything they do.

Remaining 2016 Family Pictures






2016 Family Pictures by Shelli Dame Photography