What to Learn From Kim Kardashian

It’s everywhere, “Kim Kardashian West held at gunpoint in Paris,” but yet so many people make fun of her situation. You think she has done some crazy things for PR, but who would make up a story like this? And do you know her personally that you can say her life is all a lie for ratings? She has a major following and what happened to her could happen to anyone of us.

Last year, blogger Hailey Devine from Something Devine talked about her scary experience here. Did we all think that because she posted about this that suddenly it would all stop? No. It hasn’t stopped at all. Granted social platforms have done a better job at weeding out the trolls. Also, we has parents have helped one another fight the crazy people that are trying to steal what means most to us; our children’s images. But is stealing our images as comparable to what happened in Paris?

kimLets say you are completely against the Kardashians and have no idea what I am talking about, here’s an article from New York Daily News. Basically, Kim was posting all her belongs on her Snapstory which was being sent to millions of followers. From her $4.5 million dollar engagement ring to gold grill (mouth piece) she was flaunting it all. Being a fan myself, I was watching her story and that last moment she posted.

Her sisters were leaving and Kim said she couldn’t go because she had just had a spray tan. That was when the robbers attacked bounding the concierge and then holding Kim at gun point where she begged for her life. Here is a mother, wife and human being that was attacked all because of moments she was playfully posting on social media. Are you ever thinking, “I wonder who these people are watching my Snapchats or Instagram posts?” No because nothing serious could ever happen, but clearly it could.

kim-kardashian-nycKim Kardashian West is known all over the world and has so many followers, but what percentage of your followers do you actually know?

Maybe we need a refresher on what we should do when posting things on social platforms. Here are the tips Hailey shared because they are still relevant and should be used.

Remember the Internet is permanent: Assume that once you put information on the site, it stays there forever. Even if you delete the account, you don’t know if someone has already printed/copied your text or photos off of it.

Be selective when accepting a friend: Do you really know that their profile is real and not fake? Only “friend” people you know in the real world.

Does this post show that I am away from home? I would suggest to post about your vacation after you return back home. A few months ago, Brad went out of town and posted his travels. I assume that someone put two and two together, that Lucy and I were home alone. The next morning I found big boot tracks in our snow that came from the street, past our bushes and up to our windows on two different parts of our home.
Does this post show the exterior or the details of the interior of my home? Keep your home your safe haven! HOME OWNERS: Get in contact with the white pages and get your address off of the internet, so it is no longer public information. I was shocked when I googled my name, and my address popped up so easily.
Is my location setting on? Turn off ALL location settings. I thought I never had mine on, and had a shocking realization that most of my pictures had the location of our home ‘geotagged’. This is how you can double check to make sure your location is not attached to your instagram photos: Go to profile > location pinpoint tab > edit > photo thumbnails > deselect all.

Is this moment too special to share with the whole world? Don’t feel the need to share EVERYTHING. Only post what you feel good about posting! You can create a private account if you want those photos still printed into your Chatbooks or Pickture That accessories.