Simple Breakfast with Kodiak Cakes

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but when you are trying to be healthy and get to work on time it can be hard. Thankfully there is an answer to making breakfast simple, hearty and absolutely delicious—Kodiak Cakes.  

Growing up, if we were to get pancakes for breakfast it was either because we were camping or a holiday. They were more work than they were worth and so they didn’t regularly happen. When you get Kodiak Cakes flapjack and waffle mix you will realize how easy they are to make. I especially love how it’s so simple to make one serving preventing me from overeating in the morning.

Simple Breakfast with Kodiak Cakes by The Modern DadFirst of all, what separates Kodiak Cakes from regular pancake mixes? Kodiak Cakes use 100% whole grains and avoid artificial ingredients and colorings as much as possible. Because of this, you need to refrigerate the box of mix to keep it’s freshness. Have you ever put a box of Bisquick in the fridge to keep it fresh? I didn’t think so.

Simple Breakfast with Kodiak Cakes by The Modern DadEvery morning I put have a cup of mix and half a cup of water into a bowl, mix and put on the pan. That will make two delicious flapjacks that will keep you full till lunch. Made with whole grains, but are also loaded with protein and fiber. The fiber keeps you full longer and the protein, well that’s just another great benefit.

Simple Breakfast with Kodiak Cakes by The Modern DadMaybe you are running late to work and don’t have time to make some flapjack on the stove. That’s okay too. Kodiak cakes makes these delicious on-the-go flapjacks and minute muffins. Just grab a cup, add water, microwave and you have a quick breakfast. They’re total lifesavers when the kids haven’t slept all night and I am rushing to get to work.  When I am too tired to make breakfast, but I don’t want to miss such an important meal, these are the perfect solution.

The assortment of flavors makes breakfast different every day: dark chocolate, oat and honey and peanut butter. I am still trying to figure out which one is my very favorite. Chocolate is like dessert for breakfast. Peanut butter is always a great choice with anything. Oat and honey lately has been my go to lately.

Simple Breakfast with Kodiak Cakes by The Modern DadIn the morning when I am making breakfast, my daughter always has to have whatever I am eating. At first I would give her small bites of my flapjacks, only to find her eating an entire one herself. She loves them just as much as I do, maybe more. Knowing she is getting a start to her day with a good whole grain breakfast always makes things better.

Simple Breakfast with Kodiak Cakes by The Modern DadWhat are you waiting for then? You need to get some Kodiak Cakes in your home today.