Marathon Training Week Three | Favorite Finds

Favorite finds are happening regularly around here. I am constantly trying to find something for this marathon that will make it easier for me. So in wanting to make this experience enjoyable for myself and everyone else that wants to do it, it’s important to share these favorite finds.

Because of this I want to share my favorite finds throughout the journey: food, apparel, music, etc. Honestly for me I feel like it’s fun to share these things with others that think about doing it.

Favorite Finds | Music

dsc_0523If I don’t have music to get me going when I workout I basically die. The funny thing is, my play lists are so completely random that if you were to plug in with me you would be thrown for a loop. I love knowing what others are listening to and what motivates them. Some of my favorite finds to run to are:

Favorite Finds | Shoes

Marathon Training Week Three | Favorite Finds by The Modern DadFor the longest time I was wearing Brooks running shoes. They were super comfortable, but shoes have a mile amount on them. They say:

Those who are light on their feet can wear shoes longer than those who pound the ground. Those who run on soft surfaces can keep their shoes longer. After 300 or 400 miles, a typical shoe worn by a typical runner will not feel the way it used to, a sign it is worn out.

Get all the details here. I wouldn’t consider myself a major runner, but now that I am running more and more maybe I will go through a lot more pairs. Because of this, I decided I need to get myself a new pair. It has made the biggest difference in my running. When I would go running my feet hurt, my calves killed and it was hard to walk the next day.

I wanted to get something that would work for outdoors and be comfortable on my feet. There are so many different running shoes out there. I wanted to get what would work for me. Because of this, I decided to try a new brand because nothing had really been my favorite. Hoka One One running shoes seemed to be the perfect addition to my ridiculous shoe collection.

When you get new running shoes you want to break them in before you really take them out, right? I always will put the shoes on, walk around the neighborhood and house in them and then I take them to the gym. The comfort and cushion has helped my feet and shins not hurt and when sitting at a desk all day I don’t stiffen up. The more I run in them, the more excited I am to see what they’ll be like. I’ll keep you posted.

Favorite Finds | Breakfast Food

Marathon Training Week Three | Favorite Finds by The Modern DadThe most important meal of the day is breakfast and if you are trying to be healthy it can be hard to make something filling. For the longest time I have always eaten eggs and by the time lunch comes around I was always starving. Having a hearty meal for breakfast can be dangerous, but thankfully I found the best breakfast item.

Kodiak Cakes, packed with protein and fiber, are absolutely delicious. Simple flapjack and waffle mixes, flapjack and muffin on the go are exactly what I am needing in my life. Working full time it’s hard to find time to have a hearty healthy breakfast that is going to last through the day. Being able to just throw the mix and water together makes for a quick meal and it’s absolutely delicious.

Personally, I am in love with the on the go options that they have. Love that I can throw one of those in my lunch for the next day. When you feel like you’re not going to get up early enough to make breakfast, these are perfect.

The marathon journey is getting more and more exciting and I hope to keep sharing with you my favorite finds. If you have any suggestions of things I need to try, let me know.