Perfect Collection of Maternity Wear

Maternity wear is a hard thing for women to get into. They think the only time they will wear it is when they are pregnant. What I try to do for my wife is get clothes she can wear pregnant or not. Thankfully we get the best collection of items that she can wear during pregnancy and after.

She was adamant about letting people know she was pregnant the second we were in the safe zone (second trimester). The last thing she wanted was for people to think she was just getting fat. I don’t understand it, but with the hormones racing doing pregnancy I just agree with whatever she wants. That being said, I knew she wanted new maternity wear because this pregnancy is during a complete different time than our other two—fall/winter. So let me share our favorites with you and why we love them so much.

One of our favorite online stores is The Stockplace. Here you will find items that are totally fashionable and completely affordable. With my wife being pregnant this peplum/babydoll top make is simple if you are waiting to announce you’re pregnant.


Necklace | J Crew (similar found here)

Shirt | The Stockplace (similar found here)

Jeans | H&M Maternity

The moment my wife saw this dress from Piper & Scoot she had to have it. Perfect for church, a night out on the town or if you’re just wanting to be dressy, yet comfortable. With an empire waist giving a perfect fit up top, but leaving room for that growing baby. Floral is perfect all year long. Hurry though, because this dress goes quickly.


Dress | Piper & Scoot

Another one of those online women shops that is getting trendy looks for less is Flybird Apparel. When my wife is pregnant dresses tend to be her clothing item of choice. It’s simple to get on, comfortable and you can dress them or or keep them casual. This pumpkin spice dress will work for any occasion you have this season.


Jacket | Nordstrom Rack

Dress |  Flybird Apparel

Shoes | Urban Blues

Finally, three other brands that I feel have really stepped up their maternity wear is Old Navy, H&M and ASOS. Here are stores that my wife can always find looks where she doesn’t feel like she’s breaking the bank. H&M maternity pants are on trend, comfortable and totally reasonable. Old Navy online has been the biggest success. And you can never go wrong with ASOS dresses and tops.

Perfect Collection of Maternity Wear by The Modern Dad

Top | ASOS Maternity

Jeans | H&M Maternity

Wedges | Urban Blues

Basically, maternity wear has come a long way and thankfully my wife has been able to get some items that she will be able to wear during pregnancy and after (always a win win).