My Three (and a half) Vuori Must Have Items

Listen, I was on the fence about Vuori and for good reason. I don’t always need someone to hold my hand and help me when I walk into a store, but I do need to be directed slightly.

Now I know this is a me problem, but I don’t like to ask for help. That being said, I will admit that when I go into a store and need help if someone offers I will accept. Well, they didn’t do that the first few times I went in and I was “offended” (not really, but you know what I mean).

Well, I have purchased a few things from Vuori now and I can proudly say I get it. I understand why people love it so much and so I want to share my three (and a half) must have items that I think every guy needs to own from Vuori.

Short and sweet

Look, this is real easy—Kore short!

I have purchased a lot of different styles of gym shorts. Turns out, I really like the Kore short from Vuori. I do go with the unlined, but they have a lined option if you prefer, but the quality and comfort of these shorts is unreal.

They have great deep pockets so when you are working out and have your phone in your pocket it’s not going to fall out.

Also, there is a zipper side pocket for things like keys, AirPods, or other things you really don’t want to lose.

When I am getting gym shorts, I want a style that will provide me with multiple color options. Found it! I just ordered some new colors because spring is coming and I just needed a gym short refresh. I don’t regret the color choices one bit.

Coat or Jacket? Get Both!

When Emily and I went into the store I was wanting to see a jacket. I had seen people wearing jackets and coats from Vuori, but wasn’t sure which one to get.

As I was looking, the worker talked to me about the Echo Insulated Jacket and the Meysan Down Jacket.

The Echo jacket is lighter for those days you just want something to keep you warmer, but don’t want to get too warm.

But then the Meysan jacket is thicker and keeps you way warmer (obviously, since it’s down). But you don’t feel like it’s super heavy.

When Emily asked which one makes more sense the worker said, “I mean, both because they would be used for different times.”

Sold! I got both and I don’t regret it one bit.

It’s just a shirt, but the perfect shirt!

A t-shirt is a t-shirt, but really though these shirts are unreal.

I wasn’t going to get anything Vuori after my original experience, but some friends of mine talked me into the t-shirt because they were so sick of me wearing these super baggy shirts when I workout.

When we were walking through Nordstrom they had some and I decided to try one on.

What was I wearing? This was the most comfortable, flattering shirt I had ever put on.

Great stretch, good color, and the softest material your skin has ever felt.

Another thing that I loved about it was that it’s length. Not a ridiculous length, but a great length that I wish every shirt would get behind.