Marathon Training Week 12 | Daily 5k Workouts

When I ran a marathon years ago the only training I knew to do was that I need to get miles in. The running doesn’t need to happen yet, but that’s all I do. Really, daily 5ks workouts shouldn’t be happening—but what should?

Marathon Training Week 11 | Daily 5k Workouts by The Modern DadClearly, when you are going to run 26.2 miles you have to work up to that. You don’t just wake up one day and run that far, but at a point that’s what needs to happen. I’m not at that point, but that is what I am doing right now. When I get up to go to the gym I run three to four miles every day.

When you look up marathon training it takes about 16 weeks to train for a marathon. That means at week 36 I will officially be in marathon training mode, but what do I do till then.

Years ago, when I ran my marathon and when I was really into running, I weighed 187 lbs. That was 63 lbs ago! Maybe 187 is a little too extreme, but I need to become healthier. The weight that I am right now isn’t going to be good on my body if I keep running. What is it that has made me feel like I need to run every day?

Steps. My Fitbit controlled every single choice I would make in the gym. Since lifting weights didn’t count “steps” I didn’t want to do it. I because captive to my Fitbit and having to get those 10,000 steps every single day. This was great because it motivated me to move, but it took my Fitbit to die to come to reality that I can do more than just steps.

Marathon Training Week 11 | Daily 5k Workouts by The Modern DadWhen my Fitbit died I got on a real workout plan. A healthy mix of cardio and weight lifting was just what I needed. Now that I have a new Fitbit I slightly worry that I will go back to those ways of being controlled by this item. I am in a place where I need it to motivate me to move, but not control my every action.

What does this all me? I am working on finding a weight lifting program, nutrition plan and focusing on my weight. I need to lose weight and become a healthy person again. Being an example to my family, my children, is one of the most important things to me. If you have workout plans you have loved or have worked great for you, send them my way. I’d love to hear it all.