The Many Hats of Motherhood with Gigi Pip

There are many hats of motherhood: mom, wife, caregiver, doctor, teacher, mentor, etc. But when it comes to many hats for mom, Gigi Pip blows them out of the water. Getting your wife or mother a new hat to show her how much you love her will make her day and her wardrobe. We got a couple from Gigi Pip and absolutely love them.

Many Hats of Motherhood by The Modern Dad
After being home all day with the kids, cleaning up mess after mess and having nothing to do at night a hat makes going out a little easier. Personally, I love the big floppy hat, even for winter, when mom wants to take a night out with the girls (or date night).  The Annabella is one of our very favorites.

Many Hats of Motherhood by The Modern DadSomething about just being able to throw on a hat and head out the door looking amazing is just what every mom needs. The fancier hats sold by Gigi Pip are great for any woman out there and with super affordable prices everyone will want to get their hands on these hats.

Many Hats of Motherhood by The Modern DadWinter is here in Utah in full force now. Are you running the kids out to preschool, dropping off and picking up? Maybe you’re like our family and attending the many local sporting events, but don’t want to freeze. Have you see the many cute and stylish beanies they sell? We love this one—Lousia.

Many Hats of Motherhood by The Modern DadMy wife loves her beanie! When she has to run our son to preschool and doesn’t want to do her hair this is the perfect solution. Here’s a quick way to get out the door, but still looking amazing.

What are you waiting for? Get your favorite Gigi Pip hat today for the woman that does it all. She will love any hat you get, and it will make her look and feel absolutely amazing. Plus—she deserves it. Take your hat off to the women in your life and the many hats they wear.