Marathon Training Week 34 | Body Composition Testing

When it comes to being healthy and losing weight, I have never been one to do it the healthy way. I will grab a pill, starve myself, or do any extreme thing to drop the pounds. Getting a body composition test was just the motivation I needed to get me moving. Health has become important to me and today I share new results.

Marathon Training Week 34 | Body Composition Testing by The Modern DadSeven months ago I went to University of Utah Peak Health and Fitness to do the BOD POD. What this does is:

  • Testing is highly accurate, safe, and quick, with a complete analysis in about 10-minutes.
  • Uses the most advanced technology available today.
  • Easy and suitable for all types of populations including the obese, disabled, elderly, and children.
  • Provides excellent repeatability and tracking.
  • Bod Pod body composition analysis is based on the same whole-body measurement principal as underwater weighing but using patented air displacement technology instead of water.
  • The subject sits comfortably inside the Bod Pod while computerized pressure sensors determine the amount of air displaced by the person’s body.

When I went for the first time it was cool to see what my body composition was, but when you go the second time it’s even cooler. Being able to see actual results and what all your hard work has done motivated me even more.

Marathon Training Week 34 | Body Composition TestingSo what were my results? Let me tell you:

Body Fat (%): -1.3

Fat Free Weight (lb): -4.334

Body Weigh (lb): -12.362

I know what you’re thinking, I only lost 12 pounds in seven months? Why would I be excited about that? I have worked really hard and to see these results motivates me more than I could have ever imagined. It’s easy to put the weight on. To get it off is a lot harder and the older you get the harder it is.

Marathon Training Week 34 | Body Composition TestingI know a lot of people where when I posted about this before they asked if I thought it was worth it? Absolutely. But if you want to know now what I think, I would say it’s even COOLER when you do it again. Seeing results will motivate you and help you see what it is that you need to do.

When I saw that my fat free weight dropped I was happy, but they told me that’s the weight you don’t want to lose. Fat free weight comes from things like blood, bone, and muscle. With the amount of running that I have been doing, that weight was going to go down, but what they recommended to me was to incorporate more weight training. As you increase your muscle mass (and not tons) you will lose more fat.

I know I still have a long ways to go. This isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon and I plan on doing it the right way. I want to have this weight loss actually stay off and if it takes me a couple years, that’s okay.

Book your Bod Pod appointment today. In three months I am going to go again and see what’s happened. It is motivating me to work harder and I am excited for what is going to happen next.