My Favorite Finds for Your Fit Dad

Father’s Day is just around the corner—June 18 to be exact. Do you have a dad that is always exercising, tracking his fitness, or wanting to be more fit? Is he hard to shop for because you feel like he already has everything? Let me help you with some of my favorite things as I am trying to be a fit dad.

My Favorite Finds for Your Fit Dad by The Modern DadA basic and comfortable long sleeve shirt can be hard to find sometimes. I am super picky and if it’s not comfortable, breathable, and stylish then I want nothing to do with it. These Growler Pullover Crew shirts from Toes on the Nose are exactly what I love: comfortable, classic, breathable, stylish. They are great for everyday wear or performance.  The Growler Pullover Crew is unbelievably comfortable and it performs well when working out.

With the weather in Utah being all over the place, these have been great for those cooler days and nights. I know that I am going to be using this when I run Ragnar next week. Running during the night I am going to need something to keep me warm. These are totally what I need and so does that fit dad (or any guy) in your life.

My Favorite Finds for Your Fit Dad by The Modern DadOkay ladies, it’s time to get your man something sexy, comfortable, and stylish that only you will see them in. SAXX Underwear is offering a Father’s Day 2-pack of their best-selling style, the Vibe. Features include the BallPark Pouch™, Three-D fit™, nine panels of construction that mold to your body, flat-out seams (for smooth against-the-skin contact), a moisture wicking waistband and fun prints.

My Favorite Finds for Your Fit Dad by The Modern DadI absolutely love wearing SAXX Underwear. Super comfortable and you don’t have to worry about chafing because of the BallPark Pouch™ and Three-D fit™. Not only will you love the comfort, but your significant other will love seeing you in these.

Love spending time with your kids, but need to get out of the house? If you have been following me for a while, you know my love for the BOB Revolution jogging stroller. Yes, I have three kids and only have a single jogging stroller. Personally, I don’t want to do the Duallie, but if you feel like your guy needs an extra push they are just as fantastic.

My Favorite Finds for Your Fit Dad by The Modern DadRecently I met with the people from BOB and talked about the stroller updates and if a double was worth it. Of course they said yes, but personally I loved both too. The double was seriously just as easy to run with as the single. Granted, you are going to be pushing more weight and getting a fantastic workout. This is a gift no dad would think of getting for himself, but everyone will love it.

Being a fit dad is more than just working out, it’s having the great things to make working out look better. These items will do just that!