Perfect Meal Plan Solution, 1% Fitness

Dealing with my health and fitness has always been a real struggle. For years, meal prepping has been a part of my life, but with three little kids, it gets difficult. Also, when you do your meal prepping, it’s hard to not just make the same thing for every single day. Thankfully, I came across 1% Fitness and all my meal-prepping issues have dissolved.

What is 1% Fitness?

Perfect Meal Plan Solution, 1% Fitness by The Modern DadI heard about 1% Fitness from a friend that is in amazing good health. He is a husband, father, and has a body every guy wants. A company is perfect for a guy like him because he is eating food for fuel. I on the other hand and trying to lose weight and eat healthier.

With 1% Fitness they really accommodate to both types of people. They do meal planning for those prepping for a fitness competition, but also for those of us just trying to make our lives easier and healthier.

What comes with a meal plan?

Perfect Meal Plan Solution, 1% Fitness by The Modern DadI love meal planning because it’s one day that I get all my meals for the week ready. This way I don’t have to worry about my breakfast, lunch, or dinner for the week.

Perfect Meal Plan Solution, 1% Fitness by The Modern DadBreakfast usually consists of egg bakes (recipe here), overnight oats (favorite recipes here), and omelet jars (recipe here). Lunch I have been doing one crock-pot type meal that I separate into Tupperware (this chili recipe was amazing). In addition, dinner is whatever my wife decides we’re eating.

When I get my meals from 1% Fitness, everything is done. I go in, get my bag of meals, and head home. My meals consist of variety of things: white bean chili, bbq chicken bowls, and more. I love it because it is not the same thing repeatedly. Variety is the spice of life and they delivered on that.

How much does a meal plan cost?

Perfect Meal Plan Solution, 1% Fitness by The Modern DadFor the next month, I am giving 1% Fitness a try. Adding this to my running should increase my weight loss. When trying to lose weight, diet is 70% of it. But besides health, to have that time back into my life where I don’t have to meal prep is worth it all.

During the workweek, I spend anywhere from $25-40 a week on lunches. That’s just for one meal a day. Breakfast is cheaper because I eat five eggs, veggies, and turkey sausages. Cost for this type of breakfast is about $20 a week. And dinner ranges $20-40 a week. This totals, just for me, $65-100 a week.

Meal plans from 1% Fitness range from $125-140. Clearly I am paying more than what it would cost for me to make it myself. But I also don’t have to make all the food and separate it all out. I love that I get a menu for the week that also includes all the macronutrients.

Do I feel that purchasing a meal plan is worth it?

Perfect Meal Plan Solution, 1% Fitness by The Modern DadAbsolutely! There is no question that I wouldn’t do this. I want to be healthy for my family, but I also want to be able to spend as much time possible with them. The meals are delicious, it’s super convenient, and gave me time with family.

Great thing about them is that if you live anywhere in Utah, Logan to Saint George, you can get this. Don’t live in Utah, that’s okay too. They can ship to anyone west of Colorado.

Still on the fence about getting this? You get 10% OFF your first week when you use the code THE MODERN DAD in the referral section of their sign up. Really, try them and see what you think yourself. Once you try them, you will not regret it.