Perfect Picture Sticker Book for Your Kids

When it comes to letting my kids be creative, I am all about it. I love letting their imaginations run wild. But what I really love, is when I can personalize their creativity specifically to them. If you haven’t seen the new Family Faces Photo Sticker Book from Pinhole Press then you are missing out. My kids have been loving them and I’ll tell you why, they’re personalized.

What is a Faces Photo Book?

We have loved Pinhole Press forever, and so when they released their new faces sticker book I knew it was going to be good. Check out this video to see why we love it:

I love that we were able to personalize the stickers for each kid and make it something they could enjoy themselves. Being able to take their imagination to a whole new level because they are a part of their drawing.

Perfect Picture Sticker Book for Your Kids by The Modern DadWhen you combine custom photo stickers with creativity, your child can become their favorite comic book character or princess. Just add a photo sticker to a page in their journal and their drawing will transform them into any person or take them to any place they can imagine. Their sticker book comes with 30 pages for drawing and 96 total stickers, using eight photos. By combining a love for stickers with a love for family photos, the sticker book makes a great gift for an artistic kid.

Perfect Picture Sticker Book for Your Kids by The Modern DadMy son loved when we were able to turn him into a knight. And my daughter just loved having the stickers of herself that she could then put all over the pages and color however she wanted.

What comes with a sticker book?

Perfect Picture Sticker Book for Your Kids by The Modern DadThese little sticker books are perfect for traveling and just when your kid needs a little creative time away from their screen. They come with:

  • Wire-o journal includes 30 blank pages and 96 custom photo stickers (8 photos needed)
  • Ships in 2-3 business days after you order
  • Great gift for the kid who loves to draw or loves stickers

With so many options, they are bound to take themselves on many exciting adventures.

Where do I get one of these photo books?

Perfect Picture Sticker Book for Your Kids by The Modern DadPinhole Press is one of our favorite brands when it comes to personalized items. We love that we can make so many fun photo options for our kids that save memories and make memories. Check them out and see what other amazing products they make. I promise, you won’t be disappointed. See the other favorite item we made with Pinhole Press here.