The Modern Dad is Back In Habit

Growing up, Sister Act II: Back In Habit was one of my favorite movies. You know I was always acting like I was a gospel choir singer and trying everything to sing like them. Well, the modern dad is back in habit of a different kind these days.

For the past year I was training for a marathon. It was a major time commitment and took a lot of hard work and dedication. I completed the race, took an hour and a half off my previous race time, and was proud of my accomplishment.

What can I do to get back in habit?

The Modern Dad is Back In Habit by The Modern DadNow that I have taken about a month off, it’s time to get back in the habit of exercising, eating right, and being motivated. For me it’s easier when I have goal to work towards. But what if that goal were to be a healthier father and feel more confident?

I wanted to really see what kind of damage I have going on inside my body. The Bod Pod is a great way to get your BMI, but it’s not completely accurate. After researching, I found a better solution.

What is a Dexa Body Scan?

The Modern Dad is Back In Habit by The Modern DadDexa Body brings research grade technology to the Salt Lake Valley in a comfortable office environment right inside a local gym! With convenient scheduling options and low cost testing, the time has never been better to truly Know Your Body.

I wanted to really know my body fat, resting metabolic rate (RMR), and know my VO2. The VO2 Max Fitness testing is completely next level!

The Modern Dad is Back In Habit by The Modern DadWhen doing the Dexa Scan, it’s great because you lay on the table and it literally scans your body. Basically like an x-ray. It will tell you your lean muscle mass, fat mass, bone density, and body symmetry. To me, it was really cool to see that my right leg had more muscle mass than my left. It makes sense because my right leg compensates after getting my knee surgery. Luckily it’s not a lot. But my body needs a lot of work.

Is an RMR test worth getting?

The Modern Dad is Back In Habit by The Modern DadTaking a RMR test is great because you can find out what your resting metabolism is. If I were to lay in bed all day, every day, I would only need 2300 calories a day. Knowing this information is great because when it comes to it, calorie intake is where the difference will happen.

The Modern Dad is Back In Habit by The Modern DadIf I were to drop to 1800 calories a day, my weight should drop about a pound to a pound and a half a day. This is a good, healthy time. I need to get in the habit of making life choices for my health and eating habits.

Perfect Meal Plan Solution, 1% Fitness by The Modern DadThankfully, this is easy with 1% Fitness meals. I made sure to let them know my calorie needs. It was super easy. With using them for the past week, I have already lost a pound in a half. Don’t forget, you can get 10% OFF your first week’s order by putting The Modern Dad in referral spot.

What do I do for know cardiovascular fitness?

The Modern Dad is Back In Habit by The Modern DadAfter these two tests the most exciting part came—VO2 Max Fitness test. If you want to increase your athletic and fitness performance, it’s important to understand your cardiovascular fitness levels.

This test takes about 6-20 minutes where you will walk or run on a treadmill to gradually increase your heart rate while wearing a face mask. The mask is hard to run with, and when you are running you feel like you can’t breath.

The Modern Dad is Back In Habit by The Modern DadYou start on the treadmill and they started me at a 4.5 speed and 1.0 incline. They increase it gradually, waiting to get your VO2 max. After 9:34 minutes, we stopped at a 8.6 speed and 6.0 incline. When wearing the mask, you feel like your drowning and can’t breath at all. But it’s at this point that you have to keep going for at least 30 seconds. I went 40, just to be safe.

The Modern Dad is Back In Habit by The Modern DadThis test we found out that my resting hearth rate is 79 bpm, fat burn is 100-160, cardio is 1-180. This was great because to lose fat, all I need to do is basically take a fast paced walk. Running doesn’t always have to be my go to and that’s nice for right now.

Dexa Body was super informative, helpful, and motivated me to really push myself to get in the right shape for me. If you are interested in going to Dexa and trying their services, give them a call. If you mentioned The Modern Dad you will get $20 OFF. So what are you waiting for? Call them today and schedule your body scan today.