Are Your Kids Making You Go Crazy?

If you have kids, you have lived it.  No naps, you just finished cleaning a room, walk into another room only to find it’s been torn apart. Are your kids making you go crazy? Maybe it’s not your kids—maybe it’s you.

Are Your Kids Making You Go Crazy?Time and time again I see myself going crazy as I am sitting home with the kids. So many times I was blaming my craziness on them. They have no control over what is happening. They have whatever you present them with.

If you are going to a stay in the house all day, don’t be expecting your kids not to be making a few messes. It’s in their blood. Children are born with the appetite for adventure, and making messes is adventure to them. They get over things faster than I get over watching Game of Thrones. They quickly move onto the next thing that will entertain them.

When I am sitting in the house all day I go stir crazy. That’s not even after a full day. I need to get out and just be away from the walls for an hour or two. Kids are the same way. When you stay in the house all day it has a tendency to drive everyone crazy. So don’t blame it on your kids.

Are Your Kids Making You Go Crazy?Being an adult you are there to provide your child with entertainment. Whether that be going to a park, see the animals at the zoo, or just playing in the yard. You need to think of fun ideas to keep them entertained.

What’s great about being with kids outside of the house is they are easily entertained. It’s not easy to get out though. The other day I was going crazy being in the house all day long. This made me take all three kids to the local rec center for a membership. Was I going crazy? Probably. But you know what? The kids had fun, I looked liked trash, and everyone slept great that night. At the end of the day though, you are the adult. You can control your emotions way better than they can. So if it seems like they are having a hard day, don’t make it worse.

What’s the moral of the story? If you think your kids are the ones that are making your crazy, think again. Because maybe you just aren’t providing them with the right tools to challenge their minds. Get out of the house, get down on the ground, and start playing with those that look up to you most.