Friday Health & Fitness | My Fall Health Plan

Halloween is one of the hardest holidays for me. Candy is one of my biggest triggers that I can never stop myself from eating it. Really, if I don’t throw it away, dump salt on it, or find a way to make it not seem appetizing I will eat it all. That’s why I decided, now that November has gotten here, I will be getting into a fall health plan.

My Fall Health Plan

What’s different about a fall health plan that a regular health plan? Well, it’s done during the fall, obviously. But for me, every time fall comes around, I almost go into hibernation. I don’t want to get out of bed, eating everything I see, and just want to sit on the couch all day long.

To motivate me, I figured I shared my fall health plan with you so that we can motivate each other.

Cutting the Fat

The Modern Dad is Back In Habit by The Modern DadWhen I went to Dexa Body for my scan, it motivated me to start making some real changes. I know that after seeing where my fat is being stored (like I couldn’t really tell) I need to focus on fat burn more. Working out has become easier in that because all I need to do is keep my heart rate between 100-160 bpm. Walking on the treadmill at a 4.0 pace keeps my heart around 115-120 bpm. Perfect! Don’t forget, if you mention The Modern Dad, you get $20 OFF your scan. Don’t wait, call and schedule your appointment today.

What about eating?

Perfect Meal Plan Solution, 1% Fitness by The Modern DadFor the past three weeks I have been eating 1% Fitness and loving it. It was hard at first because the portions weren’t what I would serve myself. Three weeks later and I am full when eating the portion, they give me. Also, the variety of foods has been totally eye opening. Today I had a quinoa turkey bake that didn’t look the best, but I inhaled the entire thing. It was amazing. If you want to try them out, go to their website, fill out your info and put The Modern Dad in the referral section so you get 10% OFF your first week’s order.

What now?

The Modern Dad is Back In Habit by The Modern DadI can’t do this alone. After moving I lost my gym buddy and that’s been hard. I need a motivator to push me. It’s probably annoying, but I post my workout on my Instastories so I feel like I am checking in. Help me and hopefully I can help you by getting you deals on more health products and services. Let’s motivate each other. And who knows, maybe in January we can do a 30-day challenge. It’s my birthday month, so I think that’s what you should give me. Support on a challenge that will benefit us all.