I love TV shows. LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I have a problem that I call binge eating…I mean watching. I will watch a show, nonstop, all day every day. Not only do I get so crazy binging, but I start to thinking I actually know the people on the show. Or I get so into it that I start to freak out a little thinking that what is happening on the show is actually happening in my real life. Here are some examples:

Friends: I had not seen all of the episodes in order from start to finish. I knew I had missed some parts, so I went on a Friends binge. All day long, 24/7, all I did was watch friends. I knew that it had become a problem when I wanted to call Rachel to see if she would go shopping with me.  Also random because I can totally quote the entire series.

Gossip Girl: How could you not get hooked on this show? It’s funny too, because when I was watching this show constantly, I wasn’t even in high school. I would refer to myself like they do on the show and I made sure I went to all the different schools that they attended (Harvard, Yale, Columbia, NYU) and even bought sweaters like I went to the school too.  I wanted to dress just like Chuck Bass and even had a Gossip Girl birthday party.  xoxo

Keeping Up with the Kardashians: I know, how could I be so into this show that I start being like a bunch of dramatic girls? Well, I have been to all their stores, buy all their stuff (Dash candle, silly bands, DVDs), and do or go to anywhere that they have been.  I start talking like them and just do anything to try to be like them. YOLO.  Who wouldn’t right? Not only do I become like them, I get so obsessed and learn every little thing about them. Stalker? No, but close…just kidding. I seriously talk about them like they are in my friendship circle.  Did you see what Kim was wearing on Instagram today?  Kourtney is the reason I became obsessed with Freshly Picked Moccasins- I once saw Mason in them.  I bought some that same day for my unborn son.  Gotta keep up with those Kardashians.

Well, I have finally come to a new obsession. Prison Break is the latest show that I watch constantly. I knew I had to cut back on watching it when I started going places and thinking that everyone was watching and wanting to attack me.  I even told my wife not to leave the house one day because I was worried for her safety….um… we live in a very safe area.  Even growing up on the west side you’d think I could handle such madness but these crazies even pop up in my dreams.

::just a small portion of the tv shows i own:: ::this doesn't include tv shows on iTunes that i own::

::just a small portion of the tv shows i own::
::this doesn’t include tv shows on iTunes that i own::

So do you have shows that you are so obsessed with that you start to feel like you are part of the cast? Let me know because I have one season left and looking for my next binge series.


  1. 03.14.2014 / 9:37 pm

    Ever watched Grey’s Anatomy?? I’m binge watching it right now and it’s ah-mazing!! 🙂 I’m also in the midst of Prison Break – the part where they are all wandering around Utah! Watch out – haha! Whitney @

  2. 03.18.2014 / 10:44 pm

    Haha. Yes, I binge on showes my most recent obsessions have been with the BBC ones, Downtown Abbey, Doyle’s War, and Call the Midwife. Next on my list is Sherlock because the one episode I saw was really good!

  3. 03.18.2014 / 10:45 pm

    Foyle’s war…sorry, autocorret is annoying.