What the Smell?

I will say, I have changed a diaper before having my own child. Many times when I was doing this I would tend to gag, dry heave, and make gagging sounds from the smell that would erupt from their diapers. I thought, “I am never going to be able to change my own kids diaper if this is what happens to me every time.”

So once my son was born and I would change his diaper and thought to myself, “I have created a miracle baby!!!” When I would open up his diaper to find a thick, mustardy looking mess erupting out, it never really smelled.

I mean lets be real here, of course there was a smell because that is how I know that I needed to change him, but not enough that I would almost puke every time. Even when he would have a blow out I never was dying over the smell of it all. I knew I had done something right in my life to get this blessing.

Turns out, this is how it is will all breastfed babies. You give a baby formula though, look out. I thought that we had created the perfect baby: chunky thighs/cheeks and unscented poop, but I guess not.

We have been giving him solids more regularly now and let me tell you, things have changed in the diaper area. Fortunately things are getting more solid, but the smell….ahhhhh!!! I have a feeling that this is just the beginning.

::they're gonna get worse I can feel it::

::they’re gonna get worse I can feel it::