Baby Juled – Binky Clip

Time and time again I have lost binkies. I mean, you’d think I would have learned my lesson after the big binky disaster. I have tried different clips, but they get soaking wet from my son sucking on them. I just wanted something that was useful for not only my sanity, but also that my son would enjoy. Well, I have found just the clip.



Baby Juled are fun, cute, and get the job done. The clip makes it so that you can just clip the binky to your child (like they all do), but what I love most about this specific clip is that they have wooden beads for decoration, but also chewing on. Not just that, but these things are indestructible. The wire used is super strong that you can pull it as hard as you want and it won’t break.

My son currently chews on anything and everything and his binky clips have also been a huge part of that. I know that he is going to be teething any day now and with these wooden beads he can chew on them, itching and massaging those sore little gums of his.

So now, I want you to get to experience how great these clips are. You know what that means? It’s giveaway time!!!

Here are the rules:

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3. Share this image with your friends and use the #babyjuledgiveaway

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That’s it. Simple, just the way we like our giveaways right?

baby juled card

Like this product? Contact the creator and get custom made binky clips for your little one today.