What is it about babies and their need for sounds to put them to sleep? We have used the Sleep Sheep with the weirdest whale noises. Then we tried the glowing bug that has the solar system night light coming out of it’s back and makes random noises. But really what has been the best for us though, has been the Baby Shusher.

I guess there is a book called The Happiest Baby on the Block and the author talks all about shushing and how that helps babies go to sleep.

The Shusher

What is shushing you ask? It’s when your baby is scream/crying because they are so tired and you go up to them and just go, “SHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! SHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! SHHHHHHHH!!!!” That sound, I guess, reminds them of the womb and they calm down. After a while they pass right out, but hopefully they do before you do from lack of oxygen to your brain.

Well, a dad created this product called the Baby Shusher that does the work for you. Does this make me a lazy parent? Absolutely not!!! This makes me a smart parent so I can turn it on by my son to calm him down, walk away, and be able to get other things done around the house that I couldn’t have done if I was standing there trying to Shush him.


Shusher timer

The Baby Shusher has two timer settings of 15 and 30 minutes where it will turn off on it’s own, or you can just turn it off manually. It also has volume control so you don’t blow their eardrums out.

shusher sound

Another great thing about it is that it’s small and can be taken with you anywhere. Simple to just throw in your diaper bag and if you are traveling just always have it with you.

So why are you standing next to your baby’s crib trying to shush them to sleep about to pass out when you could save your breath and buy the Baby Shusher? Order one today at or head over to Babinksis in Foothill Village or their new location in Sandy, Utah at 90th South and State St.