Life’s Baby Steps

Yesterday I was watching my son skillfully maneuver around our floor.  He has mastered the roll and does a mean back arching worm to get around.  Now he is working on the forward crawl.  He will scoot forward if something is within arm’s reach and even may crawl a little bit, but still is relying on what he’s most comfortable with.

It seems as if every day is a new discovery and I can’t wait to see what he finds.  Do you ever wonder when we lose that thrill of life and learning? When does that time come that we are too busy to realize all the amazing things that are happening in our lives?

I had a few experiences this week that made me retract to my core. Experiences that made me look at my life and think, “This could all change in the matter of seconds!” I’m looking at life with a new perspective, everyday there is something to be positive about and something new for us to discover. We can all look at the baby steps that we are making each and every day.

Whether that means we notice the 0.6 lbs we lost this week,  the person at work telling us that we are doing good, or the actual steps that we are taking each day. We need to realize that the little things really matter and that we only get one chance down here in life.

Yes, I blinked and my baby has almost been out as long as he was in.  I have to enjoy every moment and if the rest of his life goes this fast it will have been a great adventure. I want to make sure I remember all the little cuddles and cries. The laughs and the sneezes. The playing on the floor with his blocks and going on neighborhood strolls as a family. The little things we have and love now will be gone or grown before you know it.

Enjoy your kids and enjoy the moments with family because like I said, it could all change in a matter of seconds.