Brand Highlight: Of One Sea

There is nothing I love more than finding an amazingly cute clothing brand on Instagram. I was searching on Google for cute little surf brands for babies because I want my son to be the next Kelly Slater, when I came across OF ONE SEA.

OF ONE SEA is a unity-inspired surf brand based on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawai’i. Their inspiration comes from the simple forms and beauty found in nature that they translate into comfortable and stylish pieces for the whole family.


Maryam, the young mother behind OF ONE SEA, strives to raise her brood of boys with a deep love for all of humanity regardless of race, class or beliefs. Similarly, she hopes the messages shared through the brand OF ONE SEA will inspire a sense of unity in all those who enjoy them.

of one sea tank

One of the things I love about OF ONE SEA are their amazingly cute tank tops. These are perfect for those summer days we have planned for the park, zoo, and even playing at the pool. These tank tops are screen printed with eco-friendly ink on an American Apparel Tri-blend tank top. They’re super comfortable, soft, and clearly go great with jean cut offs or any of your summer attire. 

of one sea bag at the park

What I have found to be one of my favorite things from OF ONE SEA is their canvas zippered tote. These are great for taking all your needs for the park: books, trucks, extra moccasins, and a jacket in case it cools off. I take it to the grocery store, the gym and even the library.  What I am most excited about with this bag is using it in many different places and for little family adventures. Follow me on Intagram to see all the great places that I will be using this amazing bag.

Great thing about his bag too is that it’s very daddy friendly. Any dad could take this and use it anywhere they feel like they don’t want to take the diaper bag. What are you waiting for? Go and get your OF ONE SEA gear and show it off no matter where you live.