Our 9 Month Check Up

We made it to the point that our son has been out as long as he has been in. CRAZY! Seriously this 9 months has flown by… will it ever stop? I just have to say that I love going to the doctor for my son and hearing and seeing the changes that we are to expect in the next few months.

9 month dr visit

I love asking all the crazy, but slightly serious questions: At what age should he be crawling? What TV shows are okay for him to be watching for development and learning? When should we stop swearing? Is it okay for him to watch Kardashians? Most of these questions give the doctor a chuckle and my wife an eye roll but really, I want to know!

9 month dr visit 2

Fortunately we have a great doctor that throws the jokes right back at me, but also answers the ones that I seriously want to know. I always love that he asks us what he has been doing, what he is currently doing or should be doing soon, and what to watch for between now and our next visit (12 months).

dr visit 9 month

We also talk about his physical development. It was funny because the last time we went they told us that he was in the 5% for height and his head was in the 95%. We thought we we raising a bobble head. Turns out that the measurements were a little off because this time he was right on. The doctor even said, “He’s perfect!” Clearly he was preaching to the choir.

At the end of the visit we we excited for what we have to look forward to. I am excited for what the next three months has in store for our little guy: crawling, getting into everything, eating what we eat (looks like I really need to change my eating habits), and being more social (waving, clapping, winking…just kidding).

He just keeps getting better and I can’t wait for what the future has in store for him. Love him to death.