The Modern Dad Manscapes

Guys love it when their girls are all cleaned up: shaved legs, makeup and hair done, and of course smelling better than ever.

Why shouldn’t we return the favor and make sure that we look good for them too? I have always taken manscaping seriously, especially in the summer. Now don’t worry, I am not going to go into graphic details about what I do to keep myself looking better for my wife, but I just think that guys can always use some suggestions that their wife’s are afraid to say directly to their husband.

So let me be the one to say it, since I am a guy, maybe this will make it easier:

  1. Wax it off – I mean we aren’t all blessed to have hairless bodies like Michael Phelps or the US water polo team. We have hair, and that’s okay. But too much of it isn’t a good thing. You don’t need to wax it all off, but control it however you want. I shave and wax. I trim the chest, wax the back and nose, and shave the arms. I personally feel better about myself when I don’t have hair on those places. If you are covered though, maybe try to control it a bit with an electric shaver. And if you can afford it, try laser hair removal. Then you won’t ever have to worry about it again.
  2. Add some color – Let me just say it, tan fat looks better than white fat. Get some color on that body of yours and you will look thinner. You don’t have to get a tanning bed membership or lay out in the sun for the day for this. They have made great lotions with bronzers that won’t make you look like an oompa loompa or like you just finished a body building competition. I am fortunate enough that if I go out in the sun for an hour or so I tan right up. I make sure that I put on SPF something so that I don’t ruin my skin. Plus, sunlight it a great way of getting your vitamin D. For me this is great because I can’t eat dairy (lactose intolerant), so I have to get my vitamin D in other ways and the sun is the best.
  3. Smell ya later – It is proven that smell triggers memory. I can’t tell you how many times I have walked past someone and smelled something familiar and thought, “Oh, that reminds me of this great person…” But you don’t want your smell to be of body odor, pee, or farts. You want a scent that people smell and they automatically think of you. For years I was the Fierce by Abercrombie guy. My friends would always say, “I walked past Abercrombie today and it reminded me of you.” Give yourself a scent that people will remember you by.

Maybe this year for Father’s Day, instead of the usual things you think your husband would like, get him a pampering session that will get him looking good for you and feeling good about himself.