Sweet Treat to Beat the Heat

grab a box of Klondike Kandy Bars

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There is nothing worse than to walk into your office building and the air conditioning is broken. Not only that, but the heat is excruciating. Your head starts to hurt, your eyes start sweating, any way you sit is uncomfortable, and you feel like you can’t breath.

After dealing with a long day like that wouldn’t you want to just come home and relax? Well I have got the perfect treat for you. While grocery shopping I went down the frozen food section and came across these Klondike Kandy Bars. I was skeptical at first because I am not one to really try new things, but I have decided that living with that mindset restricts you too much. I grabbed one of each box and was ready to treat myself.

While I was at work sweating like crazy from the lack of air flow, I looked at my phone to see this hilarious picture of my son from my wife.

he loves klondike kandy bars

Mikey, he likes it!” I thought as I opened the picture. My son has had ice cream before, but when given one of these bars he completely went to town. Probably got a little hyped up, but completely worth it for a picture like this.

I thought, of course these bars are great for sitting outside while enjoying the summer heat, but I was burning up sitting inside at work and that was the last place I wanted to be.

Once I got home, got our son to sleep, and was able to relax I turned on the one of my favorite shows.

kardashians and klondike

What goes better with Klondike Kandy Bars than a little Keeping Up With the Kardashians. I know, I know…they’re overrated, but honestly I can’t get enough. Not only can I not get enough of Kardashians, but I couldn’t get enough of these Klondike Candy Bars. I just keep eating until I looked down and noticed that I only had a few bars left.

This is the Carmel and Peanuts bar

This is the Carmel and Peanuts bar

My person favorite are the Cookies and Cream, but really they all are pretty fantastic if you ask me. Now get off your couch, head to your nearest Walmart, Target, or Safeway, and pick up a box (or three) of these Klondike Kandy Bars. Great for baseball games, soccer, swim meets, or just a night in, once the kids are in bed. They’re perfect for the whole family.