A Letter to a Birth Mother

I have never been interested in meeting my birth parents. It really hasn’t been for me, for some people though it is. I know who my parents are and just had to get to them through a less common way. That being said, if I were to meet my birth mother or send her a letter, this is what I would say:

Dear Birth Mother,

You don’t know me, but you knew me at one point. Actually for 9 months of your life you were really close to me. I just want to say that I am truly grateful for what you did for me. You were really thinking about someone, other than yourself, and it turned out for the best.

Let me just update you on what I have been through. I grew up in an amazing family where I had parents that worked hard and loved me more than anything. I was also blessed with an older sister that was also adopted. My sister and I were completely different, but we had one thing in common, our parents loved us and loved fulfilling their dreams to become parents.

I never felt different because I was adopted because my family had such a great love for one another that it wasn’t a question that we were a family.

I was raised in a house where hard work was important. At the age of 14 I would mow my grandma’s orchard every Saturday. This would take my whole Saturday, but I did it because I had a goal to purchase my own trampoline and I was going to work hard to get it.

Not only was I taught that hard work was important, but that I needed to serve others. For years we would always go to my other grandma’s house and work hard in her huge property making it look better so that she could enjoy every inch of it looking out her huge bay window. I loved working in her yard with my huge extended family having fun, working hard, and serving our amazing grandma. I know she truly appreciated it and we all loved doing it for her.

I have become quite the funny guy and enjoy a good laugh, well all the time. I have always been the most talkative (was awarded that in junior high and high school). I really have never been able to shut my mouth, even when I should. Maybe that has gotten me into trouble at times, but it’s who I am and I love it. I even majored in Communications when I graduated from Westminster College and was crowned Mr Westminster.

I too have a family. A couple years ago I was introduced to the most amazing woman I ever thought could come into my life. So to make sure I wouldn’t lose her I decided to marry her so that we could be together for eternity. A month after we were married we found out that we were expecting and couldn’t have been happier. I think this was one of the greatest experiences of my life bringing a little one into this world and wanting to raise him the best way I know how.

I am truly grateful for the selfless decision that you made by putting me up for adoption. I’m sure it wasn’t easy and can only imagine how hard it was for you, being a father myself. You are a strong amazing woman for making this choice. The parents that I was adopted into really are my parents and I don’t know where I would be today without them.

Thanks for the major sacrifice that you made for me. I hope that you really do understand that you are an angel in my eyes for giving me the life that I deserved and I love you for that.



Your birth son


  1. 06.04.2014 / 9:52 am

    Very sweet

  2. Alma
    06.26.2014 / 1:02 am

    Wow. Just wow. This is amazing.