I Eat Everything….Especially My Words

For years, before having my own child, there were always things I said I will never do when I have my own kids. Well, I am eating my words!

I was always judging people that wouldn’t get their kids ready: taking them in public in pajamas, dirty clothes, and no shoes. Yesterday I basically did it all- taking my son to the grocery store with me after we had just gotten back from a two hour walk/run. It was just before bedtime and his outfit was messy from dinner and we were just running in to grab some cereal. I finally had the realization that maybe others have been in the same situation. Maybe they were just running in to grab something and their day had already been super stressful. I didn’t have to to try to put him in something new just to run to the store real quick. Yes it is ideal to have clean, well put together kids when in public but sometimes it is not reality.

Before having kids I thought it was so gross to let your kids crawl on the floor that hadn’t been cleaned recently. They put everything in their mouth and what makes you think that they aren’t going to try to eat all the stuff on your kitchen floor or even on the carpet around the house? Again, I am now guilty of this. Your kid turns into your new vacuum and basically cleans up everything and anything off the floor. I was crazy protective over this at first. I didn’t want my son to put anything in his mouth off the floor. I thought, what if he gets used to that and then puts everything in his mouth (thinking it’s food) and tries to eat it, swallow it, and choke. I finally couldn’t control everything that was happening and now just make sure I know what he is putting in his mouth and try to avoid most problems by keeping a cleanish house.

I always said that I am going to be the laid back chill dad and not get too crazy. Boy was I wrong there! I freak out over every little thing, from who can hold my son and who he can be around, to what he sleeps with and where he sleeps. I think I just worry that anything could happen (and anything COULD happen), but you don’t want to be that super controlling parent. I just don’t want him to get hurt and try to control too much of his life.

So I guess I better save room because I’m sure I’ll have to eat many more servings of I’d never.


  1. 06.16.2014 / 9:50 am

    Just ran into your blog and what you are doing is amazing!! I love reading about your life as a father. Readers don’t always get a fathers POV. keep it up! and I agree on this post, before I became a mom I always said the same thing! and now, it is just easier to run out the door with my shoeless daughter to make a quick store run!

  2. 06.16.2014 / 9:34 pm

    You are learning!! Everyone of us went through the same thing. You learn pretty quick to “never say never” 😀 Love your blog!!

  3. vintagehem
    06.17.2014 / 12:22 am

    I always say my standards are lower than the people I judged harshly. haha.