Review: City Select by Baby Jogger

I swear I am becoming a collector of baby stuff these days. I really didn’t think I would be buying every single thing there is out there, but really when you have your first child you feel like you need everything and you keep “collecting” it all.

city select single

When it comes to strollers though I feel like you really do need a few, just depending on what you like to do, what your future plans are, and what fits your lifestyle and needs.

A lot of my friends say that I have sold them on the City Select stroller by Baby Jogger when I was on the local news talking about it. But I thought that I would go into more detail and really let you know why I love this stroller so much.

The first thing I ask people that come into the baby store is, “What is your future plan?” and “How active are you?” These two questions give me a lot of information on what direction to take them.

The City Select is the perfect stroller for the growing family. When you purchase it you get the one seat, but you can purchase a second seat. You also can add a glider board making it possible to carry up to three children. Each seat holds up to 45 lbs which is nice, but at that point your child really should just be walking.

city select recline

Single seat in full recline

You can get an adapter for a car seat making it easy to click in and out of the car and into the stroller. Depending on the car seat you can determine the kind of adapter you want to get, but you can use most major brand car seats with this stroller.

People always ask, “Can I run with this?” I mean, you can do whatever you want with it. It’s your stroller. But it’s not intended for running with. The name of the brand (Baby Jogger) tends to throw people and they think they can jog or run with it. Granted, the front wheels do swivel it is not a jogging stroller. It is however great for walks at the mall, around town, through the sandy beaches, but it is not a jogging stroller. The tires are forever air tires so you don’t ever have to fill them up which is always nice. And, if you are walking and need the front wheels to not swivel, you can always lock them.

city select break

The break is up by the handle bar making it easy to put the stroller in park, load up, and then get going. The handle bar is also adjustable so if you’re a little shorter and your husband is tall it’s simple to just push the button in and adjust for each individuals height.

city select double

Are you expecting twins? Do you have a young child and already expecting number two? (this is always happening in Utah) Well, this is the perfect stroller for you. It can hold two car seats, two bassinets, and two seats. This stroller will grow with your kids, but not making it turn into a long or bulky mess. It also folds down easy and fits perfectly into a trunk.

city select fold

 BOB vs City Select

This stroller has up to 16 different configurations that I tried to show in this video:

Have I got you hooked on why you need this stroller yet? It really is the perfect stroller for any family, whether you’re just starting and not sure if there will be more, or if you are planning for follow in the footsteps of The Duggar Family.

This is a great stroller and it has The Modern Dad’s stamp of approval. If you are a Utah local, you can check out the City Select by Baby Jogger at Babinskis in Foothill Village or Sandy.