Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Faves

I know what you are thinking, everyone has a wishlist, all the things they are buying at the Nordstrom Sale, and it’s always ridiculous. There is no way these people own all these things or want all these things. Well, here is what I am giving you, things that I am hoping the tI will actually get from each group: women, men, and kids.

I kept thing pretty simple and didn’t put every single thing that’s out there, just the things that I absolutely love and want to get at the sale this year. So, here we go.

Women’s Favorites

When I go shopping with, or far, Emily I like to get things that I have seen her wearing frequently. Here are the pieces that I felt like she would want or has bought something super similar or has the exact thing.

Men’s Favorites

If you know me, you know my love for all these items: long sleeved shirts, shorts, sweatshirts, jeans, simple shirts for working out, and of course white shoes (they only let me load the colored ones). There are seriously a few things in here I really am going to try to get at the sale this year.

Kids Favorites

This was easy because for us, we are pretty easy with what we get for the kids at Nordstrom. It’s the best time to buy Mini Melissa shoes (our favorite dress hoes for the girls), pull overs and jackets for the kids (that Vineyard Vines ones we have for Nixon), and going to get the kids some activewear.