January: Emily’s Favorite Things

The most popular thing we get asked are things Emily gets and loves. Emily is a different shopper than me. She doesn’t care about brands, where I am clearly all about the brands. She loves finding a deal and finding things not only she loves, but others love too.

January Favorite Things

It’s time to share Emily’s favorite January finds! She loves finding things that bring her joy, solve problems, and make her life easier. Here are a few of her January favorites!

You know her love puzzles, but the challenge with puzzles is that they take up space. You lose the kitchen table or have a folding table wherever you have the puzzle set up.  This inconvenience makes her push to finish the puzzle rather than enjoy the process.

She saw people posting these puzzle tables and had to give it a try! She is hooked. Not only can you move the board, but there are drawers to organize pieces by color. It is easy to pick up and move if the table is needed and fits a 1000 piece puzzle perfectly!

We love hanging out with family and friends! Hitster was introduced to us at Christmas and we could play with every generation. The kids, parents, and grandparents all could contribute and enjoy it.

Basically it is a chronology of music. You get a song and have to put them in order from when they came out. You get bonus points if you know the artist and title. It’s of fun listening to all the songs and then trying to hear everyone’s responses. It’s wild!

Winter is here which means our kids are always wearing their boots and snow clothes to school. So why not get them cute ones! This is the second round of Sorels for Olive, and Emily can’t wait for Alice to grow into the old ones!

The house is coming together and we’re loving every second of it! Emily was shocked when she found 30 of these knobs for only $40.

We needed them for the master closet and family room built in and they are going to be perfect!

Have you ever had a scent that made you feel happy and confident? This Burberry Perfume does that for Emily every time she wears it! Totally worth the price for the confidence and compliments you’ll receive every time you wear it. The smell is unreal and when I have talked about it on Instagram, so many people have agreed with how amazing it is.

Every Christmas Emily’s parents get each member of the family a new pair of shoes. It is one of our favorite traditions! You spend the whole month researching which pair you’ll get and everyone loves their new kicks.

This year Emily got these New Balance shoes and literally wear them all the time! They are so comfortable and cute. When I saw her wearing them I told her just how good they looked. Seriously, the perfect casual show that you will want in multiple colors.

Our kids have started getting into gift giving. When my birthday approached Olive said, “I have something we have to get for dad!”

This Taylor’s Version NFL sweatshirt was what she picked. It makes Emily happy to see them putting thought into people other than themselves. But also, loved that Olive had the idea to get me this sweatshirt knowing that I don’t have a team, but think this is funny. It’s super comfortable and you need to buy it RIGHT NOW!!

Can you ever have too many bags? Never! Emily is a sucker for cute bags. She has this one in her purse with all the little essentials: wipes, bandaids, medicines, chapstick, floss, lotion, etc. It is the most darling print and not too bulky.

Emily saw someone post this finishing spray and was curious. She has been using it for two weeks now and her makeup literally lasts all day! It might be her favorite purchase for the month!

Valentines is coming and look what she found! The cutest LEGO Valentines! They are all packaged and labeled too. They had insects and ocean animals.

All you have to do is write names on them! You can thank me later! Again, order now so that you have them and are prepared for the day.


What did you think? Are you loving it all as much as we are? Emily seriously finds the best things and so sharing those things with you is the best! Let us know what you get and what you think!