January | New Clothes for the New Me

Look, after losing weight recently I had really been having to get new clothes. Nothing has been fitting and so a new wardrobe has been a real need. Now, when it comes to buying new stuff I go hard to quality items because I make sure my items last me a long time.

My entire life I always went with quality over quantity when it came to clothes. I don’t want to buy the latest tend. Buying things that are classic are what’s important to me.

Do you shop online?

One trick for me when buying things that cost more is I watch them until they go on sale or have a deal. That being said though, if I find something I truly love, I will pay anything to make sure I get exactly what I want if I know that I love it that much.

The best thing you can do for this is subscribe to their emails. You will get notifications on when deals are happening and a lot of places send me an email when someone I have looked at price goes down. It is the absolute best thing ever!

Another thing when I am buying clothes for myself, I like to find things that not everyone around me is wearing. I love wearing brands that aren’t necessarily sold in Utah, so I have to buy online for a shopping trip. For years, that had been harder for me because I have the hardest time returning things if I can’t do it in person.

Clearly, companies have made returns easier and so I have moved past having an issue with returns. But I will tell you, if it’s hard to return a product, I will not purchase from a company again.

Another issue I have when buying clothes from places I can’t try on is I only buy a couple things before I fully commit to the brand. What you buy from one brand isn’t going to fit like it does from another. Always look at sizing charts and make sure you are getting what will best fit you and your body type.

Here’s the thing, most guys don’t love shopping. So when they find something they like, they want it in every color or multiple versions of it. These items all would fall in that category. So good and would buy them over and over!

New items I am loving

Okay, so all of these I found on sale (some of those sales are over), but alway good to check on items you love to see the price. But if the price doesn’t matter to you, these are for sure going to be frequently worn items by me.

All the jeans are super comfortable, with great stretch. The sweaters fit true to size with colors I am loving (apparently I am on a green kick). The shoes were taking me out of my norm with getting a grey instead of my normal white.

But these are already getting messaged for links, so I wanted to just have it all in one place to help anyone needing the links while they are still available.


Lacoste | Men’s Regular Fit Premium Cotton Shirt
Color: White

Lacoste | Men’s Classic Fit Contrast Lettering Cotton Sweatshirt
Color: Khaki Green

Lacoste | Men’s Organic Brushed Cotton Sweatshirt
Color: Mint

AG | Everett Slim Straight Leg Jeans
Color: 7 Years Sulfur Wild Mushroom

Paige | Lennox Transcend Slim Fit Jeans
Color: McDaniel

J. Crew | 484 Slim-fit stretch jean in three-year wash
Color: Three year wash

KJP | The Bedford Cable Knit Sweater
Color: Olive Green

KJP | Old Glory Hat
Color: Green

Nike | Air Pegasus ’89 Sneaker
Color: Wolf Grey/ Team Red/ White