Year of Learning

How has this first year flown by so fast? It seems like it was only yesterday that we were at the doctor finding out that we were having a boy. And now the screamer, cuddled, cubby cheeked baby that I used to hold in my arms is now crawling, still screaming, and loving life more than ever.

This year has taught me so much and I can’t believe the changes that have happened.

1. It’s not about me: For 30 years it was always all about me and what I wanted. Had fun and did anything that was the latest and greatest. Then I got married and still had fun, but had someone to have all the fun with. Having kids though is a whole new kind of fun. I don’t want to be with anyone else because I have my fun, cute, entertaining little family to spend time with and there is not much else out there that could beat that.

2. Gonna get hurt: Once he started moving more and getting around, it was really hard for me to see him getting hurt. I mean little things like falling over and bumping his head, but still I just never wanted anything to ever happen to my little guy. As first time parents you have to learn that things are going to happen and it’s okay. You got hurt as a child and you turned out fine right?

3. Hypochondriac: That is me to a T! If he has the littlest cough or sneezes I freak out and think the very worst that could be happening. He’s choking! He has a sinus infection! If he eats anything off the floor I go nuts about germs and want to get it out of his mouth. People tell me all the time that it’ll change by your fourth, but honestly I don’t think I will ever not freak out about my children’s health. And I am thinking that I am okay with it.

4. Let’s talk clothes: I have always been obsessed with my clothes and having anything and everything that was in style and caring about my looks. And not that I think that it matters if he is dressed in the perfect outfit every day or if he is out in his pajamas that he just spit up all over. But I still think it is fine that I do care about what my child looks like. I don’t think he is the best dressed kid on the block, but I think that he looks cute in what we put him in and that’s all I care about. If others don’t like it that’s fine. Have your own kids and dress them the way you want to. I will always spend money on clothes for my kids, whether it’s the biggest trend or the next big thing I am obsessed.

5. Giving them a mom break: Sometimes I think our kids need a break from mom just as much as mom needs a break from them. As a dad I have enjoyed being able to give them both that break and taking my son on little shopping adventures (not just to the mall). I have been there when mom has been gone and I am taking care of the little guy and it’s nothing but screaming and crying until she gets there. You feel like crap and like your child doesn’t want you. But mom can’t always be there and doesn’t always need to be. I love being able to give them that break and have our father son time. I think that is so important to instill in him at a young age that I am here for him and always will be.

6. Eruptions: It’s going to happen, your child is going to have a blow out, spit up, puke, drool, sneeze, pee, any fluid is going to get on you. And you know what? It’s okay. I freaked at first, but really he is more important and if he feels better getting all that crap (literally) on me it’s okay. I can wash my clothes and take a shower. But I will tell you this, it’s time to pack up the Burberry, Hermes, and Brooks Brothers ties because they will get stained and have fun finding that dry cleaner that doesn’t ruin them. I have learned that I can pack up my nice clothes and bring them out another time. They aren’t going out of style anytime soon. I always buy the classics.

7. Your wife is a saint: If you don’t know already you will learn real quick how amazing your wife is with what she goes through for your child. You bite my arm and I freak out, imagine getting your nipple bitten off while your child is trying to eat because you know that breast milk is the best option for them and don’t want anything less. So she sacrifices. She also sacrificed her body to bring this baby here and you really owe her the world. I truly am more and more grateful for her everyday for all that she does to entertain our little guy and still keeps her sanity…for the most part.

I don’t think I could name all the things I have been taught by this little man of mine, but I can tell you this I would do it all again in a second. Been the greatest year and can’t wait to see what happens the next year with this guy.

Love you Nixon!



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