The Night My Heart Stopped

It was a great day at work. The entire day flew by, I had a meeting at work getting plenty of new projects that needed to be done, but it was Friday and I was ready for the weekend. I couldn’t be more excited for the night to begin, but when I left work I got the call I never thought I would hear.

All day my family had been group texting what was going on that night. My mom had recently had a birthday and we were all getting together for dinner to celebrate. With all the fall leaves on the ground, I was also planning on mowing my parents lawn to try to pick up most of the leaves and help them out a little bit. So we had planned that I mow the lawn, then we all head out to dinner together.

It was finally time to leave and I was like a school kid running to my car after the final bell rings for the weekend. I jumped in my car, peeled out of the parking lot and started to head to my parents when it happened.

My phone rang and it was my wife. I hadn’t talked to her very much that day because I was super busy at work and she was busy trying to entertain our active son. I picked up the phone, excited to hear her voice and said, “Oh hey hottie!” That’s when she said it, “I’ve been in an accident.”

Instantly my heart sunk into my stomach. I always think the worst, but had to keep myself calm. “Are you okay?” Please say yes, please say yes. The waiting for her response, which was pretty instant, felt like eternity. Why did this have to happen? How did this happen?

I always have the worst luck with cars. I mean, about six months ago I was driving on the freeway when a huge propane tank was rolling around and hit my drivers side tire and I swerved off to the shoulder. Then, two months later, I was driving through a light and a girl decided it was time to turn left right in front of me, totaling my truck.

So when my wife called and said she was in an accident and they were okay the next thing I thought was, does the girl have insurance? She does! Thank heavens!!! I told her that I was on my way to get them and to just wait for me.

This had to happen the same time as three other accidents that were on the way to where my wife was. I had to take back roads and try to get there as soon as I could. Being stuck in traffic, you have tons of time to really sit and think about everything. All that I could think of is, what if?

How grateful I am that my family is okay. Cars can be replaced, fixed or left alone looking ghetto, but family is so important. I love my wife so much and it took me 31 years to find her. I don’t think I could go and do it again. She keeps me sane, puts me in my place and really makes me the happiest I’ve ever been. And our son is getting this personality more and more every day. He lights up our lives! If I were to lose either of them, or both, I don’t think I could survive.

Today, tell your family you love them. Give them some extra hugs and kisses because there are some crazies out there and you never know what could happen.