Perfect 10 Dates of Christmas

I don’t know about you, but I feel like the holidays are so romantic. Maybe it’s the lights, the giving to others, or just being with family more often.

I do think that it can be hard to try to think of fun, fresh and unique ideas that will make those merry moments with your sweetheart so much more magical. So here are my 12 Dates of Christmas for all those lovers in Utah, but you can also find similar activities in your home state.

1. A Romantic Polar Express:

polar express

I know when you’re going out on a date usually it is to try to be away from the kids but the Polar Express is honestly quite a romantic event. You get to ride a train under the winter sky, sing Christmas music, enjoy cups of hot chocolate and deliciously warm chocolate chip cookies. Be sure to bring some warm cuddly blankets (here is what I always bring) so you can sit close and stay warm. If you can’t sneak away from the kids take them with you and sneak in a little cuddling with your favorite person.

2. Nights with the Lights:

Reflection pool. Mary and Joseph. Christmas lights. The temple. Perfect.

Reflection pool. Mary and Joseph. Christmas lights. The temple. Perfect.

Utah is known for Temple Square, but the greatest is going to Temple Square at Christmas time when every single tree is covered with lights.  Rows of trees covered in lights to walk down with your loved ones hands in yours. I mean, how romantic is that? Fill up a thermos with some hot cocoa and enjoy a night together under those magical “Christmas stars”.

3. Life of Luxury:

Grand America Christmas Courtyard

We have the amazing Grand America Hotel, this is our local five star hotel that makes you feel like you are a local celebrity. The great thing about The Grand is that you can spend all you want on all their amazing amenities that they offer (couples message, facials, etc). Then you can also take the cheap way and enjoy all their amazing decorations by strolling through the twinkled lit gardens and enjoying the amazing window displays. I love to stop by their amazing candy store, grabbing a mixture of my favorites while enjoying the sites. See what else they have for the holidays here.

4. Walk Down Memory Lane:

Huge ornaments made of nothing but candy.

Huge ornaments made of nothing but candy.

It is always great to be able to do things that you have done for years and making those memories with your children is always a highlight. I think one tradition that people everywhere enjoy are the Macy’s window displays for the holidays. I love waiting for that special day when they reveal their windows for the holidays and see the magic that they create for all to enjoy. Why is this the greatest little dating idea? Well, besides being free, it takes you back down memory lane and you feel like innocent kids having that Christmas romance.

5. Lovers & Lumberjacks:


I don’t know what it is, but lumberjacks are huge lately. The ladies are loving them and the lumberjack style is in full effect. So why not take it to that real lumberjack feel. Dress up a little bit in some flannel, boots and fur hats. Then, take it to what works for you with either going to mountains to chop down your Christmas tree, or head on over to your local Christmas tree farm. Just go with it, enjoy being together, joking around and making fun new memories.

6. No Sitter, No Problem:


Just because you couldn’t get a sitter doesn’t mean that you can’t have a fun night together. Order some take out, have a pizza delivered, whatever works for you. Then once the kids are tucked away in bed, light some candles all over the room, enjoy your dinner together (on the floor is always fun) and turn on your favorite Christmas movie. We love “Love Actually, While You Were Sleeping, and The Holiday.” Keep it romantic, simple but different at the same time. It will be a night to remember and you might even make this be a regular thing.

7. Ice Ice Baby:

night time ice skating

What is more romantic than a night of skating under the stars? Nothing! If you don’t remember, the 2002 Winter Olympics was here in Salt Lake City. So clearly we have ice for skating on, but the rink in Gallivan Plaza, I say, is the most romantic. Granted it’s outside and freezing, but no matter where you ice skate it’s going to be cold. Let’s be honest no one is good at skating so you can laugh, hold hands and help each other up.

8.Christmas Concert:


Every school will have a Christmas concert. You can either make those be hilarious because most of the time they’re not the best, but they are fun hearing our favorite Christmas songs. Or make it professional, we have amazing Christmas concerts here too: Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Utah Symphony, and sometimes David Archeleta. Whether you’re paying for good music or just hitting up your local high school choir concert just enjoy a night of music and hand holding….and a Christmas kiss or two.

9. Stocking Stuffer Shopping:

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We don’t do so great with surprises on the big stuff for Christmas, but when it comes to stockings they’re fair game. We love to do a little stocking stuffer surprise shopping for the other. We love to go out together and look at the little things that could be fun to get the other. We don’t buy the things, but just keep the ideas in the back of your mind. This way, when you purchase them you’ll show the person you love that you actually DO listen. Plus, you’re not going to break the bank. Keep it simple and creative.

10. Drive to the Light:

tree of life in draper

If all else fails, there is nothing better than drives around town to see the amazing light displays that people do. Maybe people in Utah get a little crazy when it comes to their yard lights, but I love driving around and seeing them all. The best part about this is that you can be with the one you love, in the warmth of your own car, listening to some Mariah, and maybe even stealing a kiss or two. All while driving from neighborhood to neighborhood looking at lights. All that and talking about your future goals together. Nothing better than planning your future.

There you have it. The perfect ten dates of Christmas. No matter what you decide to do though, just make sure to set some time together besides your office Christmas party and four different family parties. Enjoy!