My Valentine Wish | The Wife of The Modern Dad

There are so many ways to melt a lover’s heart. A Valentine wish could be the unexpected presents, jewelry, money itself and others by simple affection. While these may be the most common forms of outward expression between partners, there is one gift that is my Valentine wish.

Inside of some of the greatest stories ever written, there are letters shared amongst lovers that describe in great detail, the very passion that is felt just from seeing them. No amount of money, no gift or even sign of affection have as great an effect on me as does a simple, true love letter. Sometimes reading, seeing, feeling the words make them that much more true.

Undoubtedly, the best way to reach someone on a mental and emotional level is to write about them. Nothing is more personal and heartfelt, than a letter that depicts the main attributes about somebody, and how they make us feel. Especially if you note specific times you’ve shared, or favorite traits that they posess. This creates a bond on a higher level, as they truly feel you understand, appreciate and value who they are.

I remember getting one of my very first love letters in 3rd grade. In it the boy said I was really cute and asked if I’d go out with him.  Being 8 years old I had no idea what that meant and kindly rejected the plastic ring he offered me.  To this day I still smile because I knew someone liked me enough to put it on paper. I waited several years before that ever happened again, but have never forgotten the way it made me feel.

I have always valued handwritten notes. Whether it is a thank you, I think you’re awesome or even just a quick compliment; these notes aren’t just written on paper, but get written upon my heart.  In fact I have an entire Rubbermaid container full of them, reminders to me of my worth and esteem in the eyes of others. Sometimes when I get down about myself I open the bin and those letters lift me up.My Valentine Wish | The Wife of The Modern Dad

When I met and married Jason, I knew that he was incredible. He understood my need to read about his love for me. From the beginning we have written love notes for every special occasion; birthdays, Christmas, Valentines, etc. Although we may receive other gifts the greatest, most favorite gifts I ever receive from him are his love notes.

A few years ago my grandpa passed away.  We were going through his things and found a faux book; inside the book in his handwriting were the words “love letters.” As a memory of my cute grandpa who publicly called my grandma “LOVER” we kept that book and now keep our love letters inside. So begins our collection of love letters and the documentation of our growing love for one another. It is literally my most cherished possession.

So this year, truly impress your loved one. Pick up a pen and write down what makes this person special to you. Make sure you are specific and descriptive; tell about how your life is better because of them. The more time you spend on this, the bigger the impression it will make on your significant other. Trust me, this will be the Valentine wish you will never forget.