Cut the Cravings with Krave Jerky

It’s hard trying to eat healthy when you work full time. I am always trying to have my lunches ready and make sure I throw some delicious healthy treats in there that won’t make me go crazy. Thankfully I got Krave Jerky and have become completely obsessed. I know what you’re thinking, “Jerky is jerky, it can’t be that different.” Just wait until you see how it’s so much more than just jerky.

Throwing a bag of jerky into my lunch or if I am going out with the kids is great because it’s simple to just open up a bag, eat a few pieces and you feel like you are doing great because you are eating some good protein to help you keep your levels up. Especially when you are out with the kids it’s nice to have some jerky just to keep you sane and the protein will help you not feel like you can’t make it.

Normally, I am a teriyaki regular or turkey jerky and don’t like to veer off trying something else. At first I was nervous about trying a new type of jerky, but also am trying new things in every aspect of my life, including food. Why not grab a couple bags that I wouldn’t think of normally trying and give them a go?

Cut the Cravings with Krave Jerky | The Modern DadThe first bag I tried was the Black Cherry Barbecue Pork jerky. I know, black cherry and barbecue would be disgusting, but I promise you it’s the best thing I have ever tried. Now being pork jerky there is more fat than normal, but really I am just trying to get something in my diet that is simple to throw in a diaper bag or my lunch for when I leave for work. It was definitely sweeter than normal, but it was lot better than I thought it would be. I ate the entire bag in moments time.

Cut the Cravings with Krave Jerky | The Modern DadA couple days later I threw the Lime Chili Beef jerky in my bag and went on my way. This one has a little bit of spice to it (obviously), but to me it wasn’t too bad. My wife on the other hand thought it was too spicy for her but my two year old kept asking for more, so it’s all about your own personal spice level. I’m also not one that loves lime flavoring, but I couldn’t really taste it so that was good for me. This is a great option for getting that protein in and if you’re not a pork eater, the classic beef jerky is fantastic.

Cut the Cravings with Krave Jerky | The Modern DadHonestly, Krave has gone above and beyond making some amazing and different flavored jerky that are not only delicious, but they also are good for you. When you have the kids, no time to stop and grab yourself something to eat, be sure to have some Krave jerky with you.