Smash Company Baby Products Giveaway

There is something about going on Etsy to find unique and cute products for your kids. I love Etsy because I know that companies on there are usually crafty small business owners that are trying to make some extra coin for their family. Whenever someone tries to help out their own family, I am always there to support, especially when it has to do with baby products.

Smash Company is one of those companies that I came in touch with on Etsy. Here is a company that is making amazing crib bedding, minky baby blankets and leather pacifier clips. I love the different options they offer, but what I really love is the quality of product that I received and how cute the packaging was.

Smash Company Baby Products Giveaway by The Modern DadI feel like a company that takes the time to make a product and then goes the extra effort to send it packaged up in a unique way is one I will always go back to. It shows me that not only do they care about their product, but they also do an amazing job at making a first impression. What’s the saying? You only have one time to make a first impression, and Smash Company did that when I received their products.

Smash Company Baby Products Giveaway by The Modern DadThe sheets come in lots of fun patterns that are all on trend with the fun and different patterns that they come in. I loved these aztec printed sheets because they added a different pattern that I wouldn’t normally do while adding lots of colors.

Smash Company Baby Products Giveaway by The Modern DadDoes your little one love cuddling up to a special blanket? My son had a little blanket that he cuddles up to still, and now with these super soft minky blanket’s from Smash Company my daughter has something to cuddle up with too.

Are you ready for the best part? I am partnering up with Smash Company and we are hosting a giveaway on Instagram where you can win a $100 store credit. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Follow @smashcompany & @the_modern_dad on Instagram
  • Tag all the friends you want on the giveaway photo that will be posted at 8:00 am (MT)

Smash Company Baby Products Giveaway by The Modern DadThat’s it. I try to make giveaways simple because who wants to go follow a billion different shops when really you should just be following the ones that I share with you. Just kidding, kind of. The winner will be picked tomorrow at 9:00 am (MT).