August | Favorite Things

How is August already over? It feels like it was just yesterday that we were just starting summer, and now here we are preparing ourselves for sweater weather, pumpkin spice everything, and crisp air. I’m personally not upset about it, but it did go by rather quickly.

The month of August, at least for me, is all about new beginning. Kids are going back to school, new routines, new schedules, and new stuff.

Instead of telling you the things I loved during the month, I thought I would share the things YOU loved this month.

All these things are the most requested items people wanted and purchased.

New Finds

These are the things I got this month that I had never had before, but completely fell in love with. Practical things we are now using all the time.

Bogg Bag | So many people had told us that we needed one of these for the beach in Hawaii. Love that the bag stays up (super sturdy), and can easily wash out. You can also get multiple accessories for it that can get you into a lot of trouble because they all make sense to own. We just started with the bag, but will clearly get more for it soon.

Clear Toiletry Bags | We got these and have been putting everything in them. The size is great, but also love that you can easily see what’s in them without needing to unzip it.

Bathroom Loofa Brush | A friend of mine had told me how people were experiencing spiders being in their loofa in their shower. I instantly threw away the one I had (whether it had spiders or not) and ordered this. Turns out, I love this way more!

Tommy John | I was needing some new briefs to exercise in and have quickly fallen in love with these. Super comfortable, supportive, and great quality.

Phone Case & Car Holder

I had gotten a Walli case before, but was bugged because I had to take the case off to put it on my charging stand (heaven forbid I just plug it in).

Wall Phone Case | Honestly, I love Walli cases and when I got a new one I didn’t care that I just plug it in to charge it, it’s worth it. They have a variety of options for men and women, but they also have ones that can now magnetize to your charger if you want because they knew the need.

Car Phone Holder | Now, the thing with Walli cases is they are thicker. So finding a car phone holder can be tricky. Here is the one that I have and it’s worked great. Never had any issues and it fits my phone great with the case on it.

Food, Treats, and Supplements

A lot of these things aren’t necessarily new, but they either released a new item that I loved this month (and you did too) or you just realized how I am serious about what I am saying with these and jumped on the band wagon too.

BeeHive Meals | School is back in session, but making dinner isn’t always easy to remember to make. BeeHive Meals makes that no longer an issue providing you with premade frozen meals you can just throw in your crockpot and dinner will be ready. Remember, you can always use code MODERNDAD (even on the subscription) for a discount.

Plus, they are now available in more locations: Utah (from Logan to St. George and Tooele to Park City), Southern Idaho (Boise to Twin Falls to Idaho Falls), Phoenix Arizona (Mesa/Gilbert to Scottsdale to Glendale and surrounding areas), and Las Vegas Valley Nevada (Henderson to Spring Valley to North Las Vegas).

Clean Simple Eats Simply Vanilla Protein | Just because summer break is coming to an end, doesn’t mean you have to stop with the summertime essential—like orange Julius.

I recently shared the easiest recipe to make a protein rich orange Julius by simply taking orange juice and adding a scoop of Simply Vanilla protein. That’s it! Lot’s of people have been loving it and I think if you try it, you will love it too and see why this has been such a popular item this month. Best part, use code MODERNDAD to get a discount on this and all their items.

MixHers HerNightly & HerBoost | I know. These are marketed to women and that is awesome! But guess what? A lot of MixHers products can also be used by men, these two specifically.

HerNightly is great because it has melatonin and camomile that will help sleep. I have really been loving the Restful Raspberry and apparently, so have the people!

HerBoost has been my go to lately for my afternoon when I am just needing a little, well, boost! I personally love both flavors, but really it’s the energy that I get from them that I love the most.

And as usual, use code MODERNDAD for a discount on these and all their products too.

Modern Dad Lollies | Who knew the day would come when I would be able to make my own candy flavors. Well, Sweet Tooth Fairy presented me with the opportunity to make four amazing flavors that people have been loving: black licorice, sour lemon (think Lemonhead), Fluffernutter (peanut butter and marshmallow), and The Modern Dad (cranberry and grapefruit fizz aka Fresca).

If you want to get some, check them out here and code MODERNDAD will get you a discount here.

Oxy-Powder Pills | Call me crazy, but when I go on vacation I can not poop for the life of me! TMI? Doesn’t matter because apparently a lot of people have this same problem.

I got these “poop” pills and they have been game changing. I you have any kid of issues here, you should give these a try. I do four pills (cause that’s what the label says to do), but start lower and build up.

Stuff for the Home

Some of these things we have had for a few months and love, but other things we have had for years and when we were asked so many other people wanted these things too.

Bosch Mixer | Look, I get that the Kitchenaid is nice to have on your counter, but when it comes to making the bread I do every Sunday not all of them can handle it. We have had our Bosch for over 15 years and it works like a charm.

Gozney Roccbox Pizza Oven | Remember when that other pizza oven went on super sale on Amazon and we all went for it only to find out it wasn’t real? Well, that clearly made me realize I really wanted to get a pizza oven, but didn’t want to pay an obscene amount. Well, here is the answer to your prayers. So easy to use, doesn’t take up a ton of room, and cooks your pizza perfectly every time. The best part, the price isn’t ridiculous and you will be so glad you got one.

Twinkle Mattress | We were sleeping on the same mattress for a few years and my body couldn’t handle it anymore. I needed something, and Twinkle was it! We got our Comfort Luxe with an adjustable base and haven’t regretted it one bit. If you are looking for a new mattress, check out Twinkle and all their different varieties. Their quiz will get you the mattress that’s right for you and the price is completely reasonable. Best part, you can get a GREAT discount when you use code MODERNDAD.

Stanley Flowstate 40 oz Tumbler | You have probably seen every single influencer drinking from their Stanley and for good reason—they’re amazing! We love them for the handle, fit in our cup holder (except in our Sienna), help us get way more water in, but at the end of the day it’s all the color options. Well, we got Lavender and Iris lately and love them even MORE in real life. They’re still available, but also tons of other great options for you to check out.

Don’t sleep on their Iceflow either. We have those for our entire family and took them to Hawaii which we absolutely loved. They’re also great for your kid to have at school

2 Gallon Glass Jars | I just shared these and people LOVED THEM! We use them for so much stuff: our dry ingredients on our counter, but also our laundry detergent and Oxyclean. They’re great and totally reasonably priced.


You know us, we love to shop. But we especially love shopping for clothes. Here is the thing though, is everything share worthy? I don’t think so. But these are the things we shared that you loved and turns out we loved them too.

Women’s Sweater Set | Fall is quickly coming, but Emily recently got this set because she kept seeing so many people sharing it. Once she got it she realized why and it’s because it’s super cute and soooo comfortable! The price is fantastic which you can’t miss out on!

Tevas | Never did I ever think I would purchase a pair of these sandals. They just aren’t my style, but people love them. Well, when we went to Hawaii I needed something I could wear in the water

Skin Care

Recently I went to my first facial where I actually learned about skin care, what to do, and what to keep doing. Turns out, I am doing a good job and it’s all thinks to the products I use.

The Daily Essential Co | When it came to skincare and a routine, I became too overloaded by all the options and what to use when. The Daily Essential Co made it easy by providing me with the tools and basic way to get the job done.

Cleanse, exfoliate, C:Loronic, and then finish up with SkinBae or JojoBae (depending on the time of day). It’s that simple and my skin has never been better. When I shared that, everyone else wanted in on the action and it became a popular product for the month.

And, as usual, I have a discount code for you. This time you will use TDEJASON and that discount will apply.

What a month!

Well, that’s it! I mean, a lot of these things I share basically every single day because I use them so frequently. I just thought, I get asked about these items all the time and wanted to share with people what OTHER people are liking too.